This is the page for Andy Stambridge School of Dance, Ella and Tony's old studio. The studio is no longer running and the building is currently being occupied by The Davies Dance Company, Ella and Nigel's own studio.


Andy Stambridge School of Dance is Ella and Tony's old studio.

The building was originally a clothes production company but was shut down in the 1950's because the building was bought by Andy Stambridge, a well know dancer at the time.

Andy repaired the building and created the studio with 2 teams functioning during the first 4 years of the studio being official. In 1962, Andy made another team, a team for little children wanting to start dance, called Starstruck.

In 1964, the Dance N' Beats and High Steppers was made for the intermediate and senior advanced divisions recreational troupes.

And then in 1968, the last troupe, the Sprit Dancers was created, but was only functioning for around 22 years before Andy went bankrupt and the building became defunct and then was bought by the Davies.


The members of the teams were allowed to where dance appropriate clothing when in the studio, but during competition they would need to were differing shades of green coloured jackets depending on what team there were on.


Team name Age range Description Year of Creation TDDC version TNS version
Starstruck Under 5 years old Andy wanted a team that was based on getting children to tap in a inner love for dancing that he knew anyone who dances had in them. So he had the students do want they wanted for some part of the class but then the rest would be building on the basics that they would take with them in later life. 1962 Ballet Babies Baby Ballet
Spirit Dancers 5-12 years olds Andy liked the though of having a team that was just focused on building on the skills that were made when in Starstruck. So he made Sprit Dancers in hopes of having lots of well rounded dancers that could compete in competitions later in their dance career. 1968 Diva Dancers J-Troupe
Dance N’ Beats 10- 15 years old Andy wanted a troupe that was focused on homing skills before moving to competitions. So he created a team called Dance N' Beats. These teams members will most likely go on to the next team. 1964 Subtle Steppers B-Troupe
Rhythmic Eagles 13- 18 years old When the studio first opened, the Rhythmic Eagles were 1 of the 2 troupes that opened in the studio. Andy wanted to make sure that there were two troupes that would be competing, so the Eagles and The Spirt Dancers were made. 1957 Sassy Shakers A-Troupe pre Season 5
High Steppers 15-22 years old 1964 The Thunder Steppers B- Troupe
The Ballroom Dancers 16- 22 years old 1957 Soul Movers A- Troupe post Season 6


  • Andy Stambridge was one of the best dancers of his time and was considered the best dancer in the world for 6 years between 1951-1956, so when he announced his retirement during his last competition, it was suggested to him to make a dance team. Then a year later, he went to the same competition and announced the new studio.
  • The studio was originally supposed to just be the two competing teams, but when Andy was inundated with new students that were in different age ranges then what the teams offered, the other teams were added within 11 years of the studios founding.
  • The teams were created in the following order.
    • 1957- Rhythmic Egales and The Ballroom Dancers was made.
    • 1958- The two teams competed in their first competition.
    • 1962- Starstruck was created.
    • 1964- Dance N' Beats and High Steppers was created.
    • 1968- The Sprit Dancers was created.
  • The whole company was shut down when Andy went entirely bankrupt in 1991.
  • The reason why Andy went bankrupt was because Ella Davies injured herself on stage during a competition due to Andy pushing Tony too much and causing a chest injury.
  • The building was then repurposed in 1997 with The Davies Dance Company.