Changes is the 5th episode in Ozzy's Episodes. The page was initially released on 21st December 2018 and the story first released 22nd December 2018 with the story being released before the new year 2019.


Ozzy's behaviour around the studio has changed dramatically, how is the other studio members going to take it?


Walking out of rehearsal when we have not been dismissed is against studio rules. It is like if you walked out of class at school without the teachers permission, you just do not do it. But I have recently because my ankle has been really bugging me. It is almost like it knows that I am a going to have a call from the hospital.

Anyway, earlier me, Kingston and Finn had a big argument about my attitude around the studio.

I was in the locker room and I heard Kingston.

"Ozzy we need to talk"

I turn around and I see my ex best friends look at me.

"No, I am good thank you very much!"

"This is happening Ozzy, it has gone on for too long now." says Finn.

I walk over to the seating area and my foot gives away again, I flinch and Kingston says.

"Ozzy was that your ankle again. Because if it is you really need to go to the doctor."

I sit down and the other two sit down on the other chairs.

"I have already been to the doctors with Finn and they just said to take it easy for a few days, which I did, so what is all the fuss about, just because it had a little twinge again does not mean anything." I tell the two.

Actually, the doctor that I went to told me that I needed to stop dance for a few weeks and that we would look at the possibility of me going back to dance. But dance means soo much to me, soo many times it has nearly been taken away and then to have it back again, it feels really nice.

"That's is not true, I was there when you had just done the grand jete and then fell right on your ankle. I could see the pain in your face, I knew your were hurt. I told you to go to the doctors, I went with you to the appointment, I know that you should not be dancing, I am aware of all of this and have not told anyone. I could have told Emily and Michelle, but I decided otherwise because I wanted you to do it yourself." says Finn.

He knew, all along. He could have said anything, but he did not.

"Wait what! You knew that Ozzy was injured this whole time and you forgot to tell this to me. I told me when you went to the doctor with him but you just said that it was ok and that he would have to take it easy, not any other this other stuff. If this is true Ozzy, then you need to tell some, like Emily or Michelle."

"I am not injured, it is just that you guys at the that at the studio at not worth me being nice to them. So I am not going to bother with you guys anymore." I get up and leave to Studio A, were the team was practicing. Emily is in the office and Michelle is watching over the dancers and my que for the dance is coming up, so I get ready for it when Emily notices me and says

"Office, now!!"

Everyone was staring at me as I walked into the office, then when I had sat down, the music started and the team started the dance again.

"Ozzy why are you late, again. This is the 10th time in 2 weeks that you have been late and one day you did not even turn up to the rehearsal, what is going on?" she asks.

Kingston and Finn come in and knock on the door, Emily lets them in and indicates for them to sit down.

"So Ozzy, please do explain why you are late again and then the boys can explain what you have just told them."

They had set me up, this was all just a rose to get me to admit to the fact that I am injured, I just knew that I am injured.

"I am late again because you all are just not worth it. Coming to the studio just to get told off all the time it not worth having to spend an hour and a half in the car when I could just go to TDDC, my parents dance studio, who really want to have me back." I tell them

To be honest, I have thought about going back to the Davies Dance Company, but not because of all the this drama, but because I have proved my point of that Jennifer has stolen my spotlight and that I am able to prove that I can be just as good as her. But if I leave now, I have to wait for another full year to be able to compete again with Davies and what if all the hard work might be gone.

"You are not leaving, you are going to come back to the studio after Regionals and you are going to stay till next year so that you can keep all the work that you have put in and then you can go to whatever studio you want to, be it Davies, Encore, The Dace Pac or any other studio that you are able to access." Says Emily

"Why do I have to stay here, they is nothing keeping me here." I tell them.

"What about us, the team, Regionals. Our friendship obviously does not mean the same to you at it does to me and Finn." Says Kingston.

Our friendship means more to me then I care to explain.

"Give me strength. What do you not understand, I do not like it here and I am going to go to The Davies Dance Company at the end of this dance season weather you like it or not. There is nothing that anyone can do to change my mind." I tell them.

I just get really annoyed at times when there is something wrong with my ankle, I have had way to many injuries to even really be dancing anymore, I could permanently injury myself at any point, I just choose to keep on dancing.

"I have an idea, why do we teach Ozzy the stuff that we have changed in the choro when he misses a rehearsal and then he can temporarily stay at mine or at Kingston's house so that he is not late for rehearsals." Says Finn.

I can barely get through the rehearsals that I do go to, let alone going to more rehearsals.

"That sound like a good idea, I will talk to you twos parents and which one says yes, you can go there." Says Emily.

"You're alright thanks. I am not able to move to another house because my mum would go crackers, she loves it when I am at home. my twin sister left home a few months ago cause of my other new sister and Ebony is still at uni, so you can stuff your ideas and leave me alone!"

I walk out of the room and walk to Studio 1.

It is a nice place, I had my first audition for A-Troupe in there, but I never actually danced. Emily wanted a group of professional dancers and I did not fit the quota.

Anyway, back to today...

It's a-troupe rehearsals and I'm currently hiding in the locker room because my ankle hurts soo much that I cannot really put much weight on it. the brace does help somewhat, but when you forget to pack it, then the cream is the best option.

The team does occasionally check on me, but I just brush them off. when I come back from the hospital, its going to take some work to get those relationships back.

Speak of the devil, I can hear foot steps. Its Noah.

"Hey Ozzy. Are you ok?"

He seems genuinely interested.

"Not really, but whatever."

"What is going on."

"Well, um, my ankle has been bothering me. But it is whatever. It happens all the time." I tell him. He had a back injury when the studio was last preparing for Regionals.

"So is that why you have been mean to everyone."

"No. My dancing is all anyone should be worried about, not my attitude."

"Ozzy. Is this the injury that Piper told me about?"

"That healed, it is just that sometimes it randomly hurts, but it's ok, it will be ready for Regionals."

"Are you injured Ozzy?"

"No. My ankles are just always been a bit weak. Piper is just a bit paranoid and worried about coming back to dance. She must have just latched onto the idea that I might be a bit injured and it must have manifested itself into something that it is not."

Sometimes I feel that no body understands the fact that this happens to me all the time. this does not do under the radar anymore.

"If you are injured, you need to tell me right now, otherwise I will go to Emily and Michelle about everything. Then that might make you talk instead of hiding from what is wrong."

I could not really care less is he did that. Emily knows about all the injuries that I have had over the years, I have just sort of failed to mention that most of them have happen to the one foot and that this one is the foot that get injured the most.

"I am not injured, just leave it. And if I was, why would I tell you? You would just go blabbering off to Emily and Michelle."

"I would think that you trust me considering you were one of the people who voted me as dance captain." says Noah.

I voted Richelle but if he thinks that, I am not going to burst his big ego bubble, he can believe whatever he wants.

"How dare you just go around assuming that I voted for you. I voted for Richelle because she was the best person in my opinion and she was already the dance captain for TNS East and she was a pretty good one at that. Now if you do not mind, I have rehearsals to get to."

I get up to leave, but Noah blocks me.

"No you do not. You will be watching and catching up with the rehearsals that you have missed. In your time that is."

He cannot be serious.

"You are aware that I have my own life and friends I would like to go and see outside of the studio."

"You need to catch up on the rehearsals if you are not injured."

"What is you game Noah. you just seem way to interested in my life recently and its really wireding me out."

Noah is really interested as an professional stand point and as friend point, but sometimes she comes across a bit too forward.

"We are all worried about you. Since the announcement for the convention, you have been really mean to everyone. Now I am giving you one last chance, you injured?"

I have had enough, how many times do I have to tell them, I do not want to talk about it.

So I walk out of the locker room and into Studio A, were I see the team practicing, Noah close on my heels.

"Ozzy! if you are going to be like that and not tell me what is wrong, then you are not right for this team." Noah shouts down the corridor.

The whole team is now looking at me and Noah. I am soo embarrassed. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.

"Fine you want the truth. the reason why I have been like this is because you guys are just not worth it. Why should I be nice to you when you just consider me an goof!"

I storm past all the dancers and though to the locker room. I get my things, sit down on the sofa and call my mum.

"Hi mum, are you coming to the meeting with Emily."

"Yep. we will be there in a minute."

"Ok, do you want me to come?" I ask.

"Yeah, I know about you being mean to your friends, you used to do it at TDDC, so I will not get mad that much by what she is about to say."

A few minutes later and me and mum are in the office with an angry Emily.

"So I have asked you to come in today to talk about Ozzy's behaviour."

"Ok. So what do you want to talk about then."

"Well on the 11th March, Ozzy was reported as being mean to some students that were trying to help him. Then on the 13th, Ozzy was only at rehearsals for a hour for a four hour rehearsal."

"Ok." says my mum.

I have told my mum all about my little rendezvous I have had around the studio.

"Then on the 18th, we did a in-depth account about happened on one of the worse days. 10 am- Ozzy arrives at studio and puts dance bag down. Get dance clothes out and goes to washroom.

10:15 am- Ozzy comes out and goes back to the bag and walks over to comfy chair.

10;16 am- Ozzy sits down and starts to read book."

My mum looks a bit upset, but I did tell her that I had done that, but when Emily reads out the details, it makes it a little worse.

"Ozzy this is really unacceptable. There are other things that have happened. Yesterday, on the 19th you were in rehearsals for 10 minuets and then you abruptly left till Piper saw you in Studio 1."

My phone starts vibrating and I now it cannot be good. It is the hospital.

I get up and leave the office and walk down the corridor.

"Hello, is this Mr Oswald Davies." Says the person on the other line.

"Yes this is he."

"Hello. Ozzy. This is Dr Evie Jordan. I am the doctor you came to see at the Port Perry General Hospital. Your ankle tendon is worse then we thought, you will have to come in for surgery and be out of dance for around 2 weeks. You will come in at around 27th and then have the procedure the next day. Then if all goes well, you can go home on the 30th, in time for your birthday. Do you have any questions?"

"No I am good thank you."

This is officially messed up.