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It has been about 3 weeks since my surgery, and it has been a real whirlwind of emotions.

I spent about 3 days in hospital and was released on the 30th March, the day before my birthday and I had such a big surprise when I got back, my sisters were there. It was soo surprising, because my mum had told me that they could not come to house, because the university could not let Ebony out apparently and Jennifer has getting settled in her new home.

Then a few days later I had to go back to the hospital to change boots to one that allowed me to spend some time out of it, but only a few hours at a time, just to make sure that the healing process goes okay. That meant that I could go to the studio, that being TDDC, and do some ballet stuff. It also means that I do not have to put it alll the time.

Then on the 4th, I asked Kingston if he wanted to hang out. My mum rang him, just to explain why I was acting the way that I was. It is fantastic that Kingston now knows what is going on because I finally have by best freind back again.

By the 10th, I was able to do some more moves and even joined in the rehearsals at TDDC's version of A-Troupe because 1 of the people on the team was off, maybe set up by mum, that was really fun because most of the people on the team, I had been on the same team as for some years. Even people who I had seen at competitions even joined the studio.

Then we would go home and Jennifer and I would sort out the paperwork for the different high schools that we could go in the autumn of this year. I have never been more excited to join high school then right know, it will finally give me the fresh start that I have wanted for years.

Over the next few days, I would how Jenni my progress and she was actually surprised that I have stayed at TNS so long as I have, because of the Regionals fails that they have had in the past. She might be thinking of coming back to dance again, but you can never tell with that girl, one minute she is you best friend, the next she is death staring you like you have taken her favourite bag.

Then the best news was yet to come yesterday, I am now able to go back to dance. I have never been more excited, dance has never been more important then before in the injures I have had.

So right know, I am standing in the studio, early with Jennifer and Ebony, just at the ballet barre, working on my moves. I just can't seem to do it, I can do it in my parents studio, but not here, I am just not able to trust my body again.

I guess its karma for everything I have done to the people around me. My uncle Tony asked me how that quailfer video went and I just snapped at him, so new we are both banned from family reunions. But I cannot say that I am not sad, it is not like I enjoy them.

Anyway, Ebony has been really worrying about me, so she came home from university just to make sure that I am fine. She is at York university studying dance and health + safety. She is making sure that I am following the advice on the letter the hospital gave us. It is kind of annoying, but it is alright I guess.

"Ozzy. Do an Arabesque please?" She asks.

I do, but on my good foot.

"Now on you bad foot please?"

Bad foot now.

"Good, how did it feel?" She said.

"It has been better then the other foot, very strong."

"Now a needle, on you bad foot please?" Jenni says.

I do and it goes amazingly.

"Ozzy, whys Jennifer here?" I hear some behinds us.

Jenni moves out of the way and Emily is there.

"Emily, Jennifer is here because I need her here." That is when Ebony walks in "And Ebs is here to." She does not look happy, either of them.

"Ozzy, Why are you sisters here." Says Emily.

"Ozzy, mum wanted to know weather you wanted to join TDDC, she thinks that the person that you were standing in for is not going to be able to go to competition." says Ebony,

"You want to join another studio, Ozzy you are one of the best dancers on this team. I would not have you on the team. Can you just come to the office please?"

I leave the two and go to the office.

"Kingston told me that you were injured and that you just had surgery. So did you your mum. You need to tell me these things because I can help you. I have been injured before and it has completely ruined my dance carrer. You need to listen to your body. Also you can't leave the studio just yet, you are on team for the nationals team if we make, it as an alternate, but you can leave after wards if we do not make it, it is something that is going to happen weather you like it or not. Me and Michelle have been in contact with the Regionals and Nationals board and they agree with me and will disallow you name on any team sheets you try to leave for another team." She tells me.

She has got to be lying, I do not want to be an alternate. Even at TDDC, I have always performed. I am guessing that she is annoyed that I wanted to leave so close to Regionals.

"Emily, I need to leave at some point for better opportunities, maybe this is just my time to do so." I try.

I know that I am fighting a losing battle, but maybe, just maybe, this helps.

"Ozzy, you are staying, but as soon as we either lose at competition or win internationals, you are a part of The Next Step. We do not need you for all the routines, so if you want to go off and be at The Davies Dance Company for the rehearsals that you are not needed in, then that is fine. Just do not mess this up, this is your last chance to be able to be in competitive dance, in any format." Says Emily.

"So, where do you want me today?" I says, seen as everyone at rehearsals is here and I am not needed right now.

"Your sisters and Noah are going to hep you learn the routines, Noah will be needed for about an hour just rehearse the 10 person dance at 2, but you can have him before and after that. At the end of the day, you will show me your progress, if it is good enough, then you do not have to come in for a few weeks, if there are some obvious mistakes that need to be corrected, then you will need to come in and correct them, otherwise, you are free to go to Davies and practice, this is the only time you can do that though, with Davies going to Regionals next year and AcroNation going this year, there is the possibility of stolen choro, so be careful." Says Emily.

Noah walks into the studio and the office right on time and says.

"Hi, Ozzy. Good to see you back, are you ready to work?" He says.

I nod my head and Emily agrees that I am able to go.

I follow Noah into the studio and see the two already have there dance clothes on.

We do the 10 person dance first as that is the most important dance to get right.

It is a really good dance and after some time, I have got my part perfect, but I just, I am scared, I have never really felt like this before. Other injures were okay because I just needed a few weeks and then I would be good as new, but because of the surgery and the possibility of never being able to dance again.

Even Jennifer can see, so she calls for a break and Noah and Ebony leave the two of us alone to get a juice.

Jennifer make me sit down and asks.

"Are you okay Ozzy?"

"Yeah, I am fine."

"You are obviously not fine Ozzy, I can see it is your eyes. The spark is not there, I could see in on our birthday, normally you are really excited to open your presents, but it is like if you put water on a plug, there would be a spark, but then nothing would happen again. Right, I am going to tell you a story, but you have to promise to not laugh at me." I nod and she carries on !I have little dances around my bedroom. I really miss coming into the studio every day and do something that I love again."

"Why not go back to Davies, the twins do not even come back mush anymore, they just stay at the dorms. Mum and Dad are just their legal guardian, but they are not able to control them, tell then when to come home." I tell her.

They have not come home for a while, I cant say that I am not upset, they are kind of annoying.

"I am thinking of coming back to dance, and move back in. But come here, not Davies. The time away from the family has made me realise that I need something more then just the competition we used to go to and TNS has the reputation to go to Internationals again and we would be doing it together," She says.

Jennifer cannot come to TNS, it is soo competitive and scary and every day I feel like I am not worthy of my place here, but if she wants to come here, then who am I to stop her.

"If you want to come here, then talk to Emily, maybe she can put your name down ready for the next set of auditions. I am staying till the end of the competitive season, so I will be here if you want to still join. But seriously think about it. We are not predicted to win, we are actually predicted to leave at the first round. But I understand, sort of. But in any case, you should really talk to Emily, Michelle and Mum and dad." I tell her.

Ebony and Noah come back in and we get back to work, making sure that every move is perfect. I have a good feeling about this and I hope it all works out in the end.


  • Coming Back To Dance (This episode) and Coming Back To Dance (Richelle's season of episode) is different, so this pages name will change, this trivia point will be taken off when the name has been changed
  • Jennifer wants to join the studio.
  • Jennifer wants to go back to Ozzy's house, but due to her leaving soo abruptly from the house in the first place, she is concerned that she is will no longer able to come back.
  • Ebony goes back to University between this episode and the next episode.


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