"Covering It Up" is the 13th Episode in Let's Get This Started Fanfiction and the 3rd episode in Ozzy's Episodes. It was first published 24th November 2018. It was completed 21st December 2018.


This episode is about Ozzy trying to be more professional around the studio, but that has lead him to have to do a lot of dances. How he is going to do it?


I recently found out that I have a really bad ankle injury and that I should really take it easy and only do things until I am not able to do them anymore. That is what the doctor said, but I feel that he is pulling my leg, I am not sure that that will work.

I could be risking permanent injury by doing this, but I have never been much of a rule follower, so I am going to do this dance with Kingston and the other boys and then start to take it easy. I just need to get on the dance first.

Emily said that because it is Piper first day back at the studio and that I should keep out of the way. But I should make sure that she is ok and not too stressed out, it could really hurt the team if she freaks out on stage and cannot complete the number.

I have known her for some time, when Davies Dance was just getting established as a studio, so around 2010, we went to lots of different competitions to see what the competition was like and Piper was there with her brother, he was already competing with TNS at the time and Piper was dancing a local one nearby that prepared children to eventually join the big league teams later down the line. Anyway, when she was dancing, she just looked directly at the audience and just froze, they had to carry her off the stage. Eventually when she joined another studio, we saw her again and this time she was better, she got through the whole performance without freezing, but she still looked like she was super scared. Then when TNS won Internationals, Piper decided that she would join and I went to see the qualifier and Piper was in it. She looked really good on stage and that nothing was on her mind, but when Noah started to mess up due to his back problems, you could see the tension in her face. I just need to make sure that I stay out of Studio A today then.

Anyway, it is about 9:20 and I am just sitting in the locker room, I have just gotten into the studio. I am really late today, I just could not put much weight on my ankle just when I woke up. I am really nervous about going into the studio, but I am going to do it.

I go out the locker room, down the corridor, through Shakes and Ladders and into the studio, Michelle is standing there and Emily is in the office. I walk into the office and sit down.

"Can I talk to you a second please?" I ask, Emily looking like she might shout at me something terrible.

"Why are you late Ozzy?" She is looking at me in a way that should suggest that she is really angry and wants to shout at me, but she is talking in a calm way. "Because if it is "Traffic" again, then I suggest possibly leaving earlier in the day! Or just never leaving!" Nope, it did not last long.

"I was late because Ebony was not feeling too well and my mum wanted to make sure that she was ok over the phone. Anyway, the reason why I wanted to talk to you is because I would like to be featured in the dance that LaTroy is choreographing please, I think that I will be really good in the dance." I tell her.

"Why is it just today that you want to do more?" She asks.

I think that I really want to do more in terms of the studio before I leave the studio temporarily, but I am just really mad at the fact that I got myself injured.

"But sure you can do it"