This is the page for Davis and Jacquie's Episodes. It was first released in 2019 and is based on the relationship between Davis and Jacquie before Jacquie went to The Next Step.

These episodes are going to be mini episodes compared to the other episode length.


This mini series is based on Davis and Jacquie before Jacquie left to go to The Next Step. It shows some dance practices, adventures at the studio and all the mischief of Jacquie's and Henry's adventures.



  • Davis- A 14 year old who is getting used to high school whilst helping Jacquie with relationship drama.
  • Jacquie- A 13 year old who is getting ready to join high school next school year and working out what is happening with Henry.
  • Mum and Dad- The parents of Davis and Jacquie, they make sure the two stay grounded and safe at all times
  • Henry- The boyfriend of Jacquie who is about to have his heart broken.
  • Victoria- Davis and Jacquie's dance teacher who is considering going into early retirement due to the intensity of teaching the two sisters.
  • Dena- The nanny for the children, she is really regretting this position.
  • Sam- A dancer from the studio who is a few years older then Davis and Jacquie.



Episode number. Episode name. Description Date of publication.
1 Dena, The New Nanny Davis takes over this episode and it is about the newest nanny and how the two dealt with her 2019
3 Dance Practice It is dance practice and Davis is about to get the opportunity of a life time 2019
7 Going Against The Norm It is decision time for Davis, does she go competitive or does she carry on doing dance for fun 2019
8 Changing Studios (Davis' Episode) Davis and Jacquie have to change studios because their dance teacher went into early retirement. Is there next studio head going to be better or worse then Dena? 2019
10 How Dare She? Jacquie is thinking of changing studios because she wants a better chance at Regionals, how dare she? 2019


Episode number. Episode name. Description Date of publication.
2 Henry- Boyfriend It's Jacquie's turn and this episode is about Henry, the boyfriend and a date the two have together. 2019
4 Change of studios (Jacquie's Episodes) Jacquie is having to change studios because there old dance teacher had to go into early retirement. How is it going to be? 2019
5 Muscle Strains, Darn It! Jacquie has been experiencing some muscle pain recently, so she decides to look back on all the muscle related injuries, good and bad. 2019
6 The Next Step In Her Career Jacquie is thinking of changing studios soon, but she really needs to do something first 2019
9 Henry- Ex Boyfriend It's Jacquie's final episode and it is about her and Henry's break up and how she deals with it. 2019


  • This series is a double series, they do go in chronological order in the series the episode it is in, for example for Davis, her series would be episode number 1,3,7,8,10. I have chosen to do it like that because certain episodes in a series would be focused on different characters.
  • The episodes are going to be significantly shorter then other episodes because I think that it is more appropriate to go with the number of episodes.