Ebony Davies is the first child of Ella and Nigel Davies.

She was apart of the second lot of children to be in Ballet Babies.

She is also the older sister to Ozzy and Jennifer then the adoptive sister to Leanne and Marie.

Ebony currently goes to York University and comes home whenever she has a chance.

Before the Mini Series

Ebony started to dance when she was 2 years old, she joined The Davies Dance Company with the second set of children coming into the studio.

When she was too old to be in the team anymore, Ebony moved to the Diva Dancers (The Next Step's J-Troupe) and became one of the best dancers in the studio.

After some time in the Diva's, it was time to move on to something more, but at that point the Subtle Steppers was not a team, so Ebony temporarily moved to The Next Step, a team at which her brother would start to consider his home.

Late 2005 was when the Subtle Steppers really became a team, so Ebony moved back to the Diva Dancers for 6 more dance season and then became a part of the Subtle Steppers and was one of the main dancers in a trio competition that the studio was a part of.

At the point when Ebony turn 16 in 2013, she moved teams to The Thunder Steps, the recreational version of the senior division team going to Regionals, Soul Movers.

She then competed with The Thunder Step at a sort of mock Regionals so that the members could see what the competition would be like if they were move to Soul Movers.

Ebony enjoyed it soo much that she instantly moved to Soul Movers when they were getting for Regionals when she turned 18.

After getting into York University, Ebony decides it would best that she becomes an alternate for Soul Steppers because it would mean that she was not under as much pressure as the other dancers and it would also mean that she would be able to join York University Dance course without getting into trouble either end.

When it is the universities holidays and at most weekends, Ebony goes back to Port Perry to learn dances and be with her family. She finds that really works for her because she still has her life at university that she can do whatever she wants without her parents at her heels all of the time, but she also has her life at home were she can be a child and have fun for a little bit and be with her siblings again.

Ozzy's Episodes

When Ebony finds out that Ozzy's injured, she comes home immediately, she had been going to different family members houses for a few weeks leading up to it because there were big celebrations that she did not want to miss and she felt that if she went before all the other family members came then she would have some time with them by herself.

She was really worried because the last time that Ozzy was injured, the doctor said that he would have to have surgery because his ankle was soo damaged at that point he would have to have metal rods acting like the ligaments in his foot and then have them removed when the ligaments had time to fully heal. The family did not tell him that because it would mean that he would placebo himself into injuring himself.

Ebony also played a good part in his recovery and deciding to go back to The Next Step. She would help Ozzy with making sure that he took his medication at the right time, making sure he used his crutches when he got tired and making sure that he was comfortable. She would always do that whenever he was injured and it sort of helped with the recovery in someway. After the two week recovery time he had from the doctors, Ebony helped him get back into dancing by going right back to basics and going from there.

Once Ozzy did go back to the studio, Ebony went back to York University and went to a competition that they had been working on for some time and the team got 3rd place to Toronto University and University of Guelph with Guelph taking the top prize.


  • Ebony, when she was still in The Davies Dance Company full time, had a back injury that kept her off the dance for 2 dance seasons.
  • Ebony has been in 5 of the 6 dance teams in TDDC.
  • She also co-owns Ballet Babies with her parents Ella and Nigel Davies. This is the only part she owns and has not prospects of owning anymore.
  • Ebony choreographs Diva Dancers when they go to solo competitions.
  • Ebony currently studies Dance as her major and Disaster & Emergency Management as her minor.
  • Ebony's bedroom is directly below her brothers and on top of her mum and dad's
  • Ebony can drive and has been doing so just before she went to university so that she is able to go wherever she wants to.