This is the main page for season 1 for Ozzy's Episodes.


Theses episodes are about Ozzy trying to cope with a recent injury. He goes to the doctors, then the hospital in hopes of trying to get rid of his injury entirely but finds out that he must have ankle surgery if he ever wants to dance again. He has the procedure, comes back to the studio, but everything seems different, no one is treating him the same again. What should he do?


  • Ozzy
  • Kingston
  • Finn
  • Amy
  • Piper
  • Ozzy's Parents
  • Emily
  • Michelle
  • Ebony Davies


Episode number. Episode name. Description. Date of publication
1 Am I Injured? Am I injured? is about Ozzy coming to terms with his injured and him trying to figuring out how he is going to tell the studio. 4th September 2018
2 The Doctors Taking Noah's advice, Ozzy goes back to the doctors, but he does not get good news.
3 Covering it up. Ozzy is trying to be more professional around the studio, but that has lead him to have to do a lot of dances. How he is going to do it?
4 What should I do? In this episode, Ozzy goes to the hospital and is waiting on the results. What should he do?
5 Changes Ozzy behaviour around the studio has changed dramatically, how is the other studio members going to take it.
6 Time out Ozzy has to take time off but how is going to tell the team or even his best friend, Kingston.
7 The Hospital Ozzy goes to the hospital for the operation and he has chosen to not tell anyone at the studio. How is he going to reveal this one
8 Coming back to dance With two weeks off, Ozzy is ready to come back to dance, but how was his absence explained
9 What Happened at The Convention The dance convention was during the time at which Ozzy was off. He was supposed to be assisting Leon Blackwood, What was said.
10 Maybe it is time for a change? Life at The Next Step is becoming extremely toxic, what should Ozzy do?