Hunter is a breakdancer from Madison, Wisconsin.

Hunter danced with Michelle at their studio before she moved away. Shortly afterward, Hunter's family is relocated and Hunter joins The Next Step Dance Studio in order to commence a relationship with Michelle.

After losing a dance battle to Eldon, taking him off of A-Troupe, Hunter returns to Madison.

Around 1 year later, Hunter comes back to the studio to work with Emily again as co-studio heads to replace Michelle who decided to leave in anticipation of finding her new thing she liked.


1999-2003 Before Dance

Hunter was born in Madison, Wisconsin.

Hunter used to see Michelle frequently around the surrounding neighbourhoods and when he discovered she started to dance, he decided to join the studio and before long, he developed a real likening for both the sport and Michelle.

2003-2015 Before TNS

When the two were still at the same studio, Hunter and Michelle were paired up with each other more then the other couples in the team.

They would spend dance camps together and they became quite well know, even to the point that when there studio went to Nationals, it became a no-brainer as to who would have the duet round. But when the studio lost on the duet round (In the Us, the Nationals round positions are different then Canada), the two were never paired again.

2015 TNs

When Hunter came to the studio, he was looking for Michelle and subsequently bumped into Emily who told him to go to Culture Shock, were Michelle might have been in hopes that they would reconnect and go back to Madison . But when he went to Culture Shock, Michelle was not there and he decided to hang with some of the Regional wining team member of A-Troupe.

At the auditions for the team, he comes in and surprises Michelle who brushes him off because she had fell for someone else. This made him to go to Emily and the two made a plan to make Michelle jealous and go for Hunter and Emily could have Eldon. This plan started well but went a bit off when Hunter challenged Eldon to a dance battle, which he does in fact win.

Once Michelle and Eldon officially broken up, Hunter asks Michelle out on a date, but whilst on said date, he realises that he in fact likes Emily better and then kisses Emily with an on-looking Michelle. When Michelle tells Hunter that she wants to leave the studio, Hunter tell her that he was always be there for her and when she does in fact leaves, Hunter feels really guilty. Nevertheless, Hunter makes a romantic relationship with Emily in which he believes to be going smoothly but is heartbroken when Emily ends the relationship him seemingly out of nowhere.

By Emily's request, Hunter starts to work on trying to be friends with the other boys on the troupe. West was the first person that he became friends with so long as he shows West how to do the head slide. Hunter then proceeds to bake a cake for Eldon as that he is one of Eldon's weakness, but when presented, Hunter has it shoved in his face by Eldon. He is then challenged to another dance off, in which he loses and results in Eldon's friendship. James's friendship is then won over when Hunter takes Beth off of James's hands. Due to this new found friendship, the boys do the Nationals small group together and this helps them win the competition.

During the dance battles for a spot on the Internationals team, Hunter and Eldon are chosen to dance together and Hunter is the one that is kicked off. So he decides to leave the studio and move back to Madison, Wisconsin.

When the studio wins Internationals, Hunter is very happy about it.


Hunter is a very determined and confident person, shown in his pursuit of Michelle. Although, this pursuit also exemplifies an inability to take rejection and a tendency to believe he is obligated to certain things, in this case, Michelle's love. Mixed with this is a sense of selfishness, as Hunter never once considers Michelle or Eldon's feelings while carrying out his agenda.

Nonetheless, Hunter is a humourous individual who is ultimately remorseful for his actions, as seen in the way he tries to and succeeds in gaining the boys' friendships. He is extremely helpful, as seen through his assisting Emily in her attempt to get Eldon back and in assisting James with more than one item on his list.[1]

Physical appearance


Hunter has fair skin and dark brown eyes. His dark brown hair is in a static short style, as it is perfectly shaped for properly executing head slides. He has been described as cute by both Emily and Becca, although James begs to differ, deeming him hideous.


Hunter's dance wear consists of a t-shirt or muscle tee in light blue, grey, black, or purple, paired with sweatpants.

Outside of the studio, Hunter's attire remains casual, consisting of jeans and loose tops.



  • Breakdance: Hunter's main style is breakdance. His signature move, the head slide, is a breakdance move.
  • Hip-hop: Hunter is proficient in hip-hop.
  • Acro: Hunter is proficient in acro, although it is not his strongest style when compared to his male peers.


  • Hunter can speak in an Australian accent.
  • Hunter can drive.
  • Hunter is claustrophobic.
  • Hunter goes to University Of Toronto.

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