Jacquie has a few relationships.



Davis is Jacquie's older sister. Although they appear to be on friendly terms, to the point of wishing each other good luck when auditioning for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship, Jacquie is very opposed to having Davis on A-Troupe with her. This was shown during the teams dance to Animals in Ty'd to You.

Their relationship was pushed significantly when Jacquie refused to help Davis with the hip hop chorography that she was given to perfect.

Then the relationship was really tested when Jacquie went to Davis asking if she was ok about not being picked for the contemporary dance and when Davis was nearly chosen to be an alternate and requested Jacquie's help (This was only in the Davis and Jacquie Mini Series).



Jacquie's first meaningful interaction with Lola happens after Richelle expresses concern about Jacquie's apparent distraction during A-Troupe rehearsal. Lola helps her with the choreography that she is struggling with, feeling bad that Jacquie has been made to feel irresponsible due to her relationship with Noah.

When Lola receives the hip-hop solo over her, Jacquie is angry, believing herself to be the superior dancer. Although, after discovering that she was meant to have the solo after all, Jacquie feels empathetic toward Lola and comforts her.


Jacquie meets Zara when she is rehearsing for A-Troupe auditions. Jacquie is impressed by Zara's dancing and confesses that Zara is a great girl.

Jacquie does not interact with Zara again until she expresses her excitement for their chance to have a hip-hop solo in the routine for the Regionals qualifier video. When Zara gets the solo over her, Jacquie is disappointed, but nonetheless congratulatory.



Jacquie and Skylar meet for the first time at A-Troupe auditions. Although they do not speak, Skylar is impressed by Jacquie's dancing. At some point, Jacquie and Skylar obtain each others' phone numbers (most likely through either Richelle or Noah, if not Jacquie herself). Jacquie is offered a spot at Gemini and a subsequent featured solo at Regionals, if she joins. Despite leaving behind Noah and her friends, Jacquie decides to join Skylar at Gemini, although this is more likely due to her desire to go to Regionals, than actual liking for Skylar. However, after Jacquie sees that the merge between TNS East and TNS West is happening, she declines Skylar's offer, to which Skylar reacts negatively. Although, Jacquie does not appear angry at Skylar for attempting to poach her, nor at her reaction to Jacquie's refusal.

Love interests


Jacquie meets Noah at a ballet workshop, where she engages in conversation with him and is impressed by his dancing. It is he who urges her to audition for A-Troupe, which she follows, as the idea of being on the same team as Noah is enticing to Jacquie.

As Jacquie spends more time with Noah, her feelings for him intensify. She willingly accepts Noah's first request for a date, but is hurt when he never shows up. After finding out that Noah's wariness is a result of him being disallowed from dating her by Henry, Jacquie is furious, thus showcasing the depth of her feelings for Noah. As Noah's distrait persists, Jacquie decides that perhaps it isn't worth it to pursue a relationship with Noah, especially as it begins to interfere with her dancing. Although, upon his affirmation of his feelings for her, Jacquie commences a relationship with him.

Jacquie's relationship with Noah progresses swimmingly, until his move to TNS West, especially after a new rule is enforced that bans intercommunication between TNS East and TNS West. Nonetheless, Jacquie is willing to continue her relationship with Noah, even if it makes her a modern-day Juliet, which is affirmed through sharing her first kiss with Noah.


Jacquie previously dated Henry for three years, from grade six to nine. Her romantic relationship with him is described as very healthy and affectionate, with the two even watching basketball games together. However, Jacquie eventually breaks up with Henry, either due to developing feelings for a boy who moves into town or deeming him an inadequate dancer. Jacquie drifts apart, both mentally and physically, from Henry thereafter.

Jacquie is shocked to see Henry at the auditions for A-Troupe, but is even more surprised to later find out that he is still not over her, implying that she harbours no ill feelings toward him. She is furious with Henry's attempts at stopping Noah from dating her, imploring him to "get over [himself] and move on."

When later approached by Henry, Jacquie is receptive to his conversation and his subsequent apology, even apologizing herself for erroneously deeming Henry a bad dancer (thus leaving her true reason for breaking up with him up in the air). Jacquie continues in friendly conversation with Henry, catching up on lost time, and appearing content at reprising her friendship with him.