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Before the Mini Series

When Jennifer started to dance at the age of 3, it was apparent that she would go places with her dancing. She had a really good intensity when she danced that really drew people in. She started at Ballet Babies before her twin brother and really seemed to enjoy the more quieter classes with only 6 or 7 students in there intend of maybe 15.

Ozzy's Episodes.

After finding out that her brother was hurt, Jennifer came back her old home to make sure that Ozzy was ok.


Jennifer is really mean on the surface, but when you get to know her, she can be a really nice person.



  • Acro: Jennifer was an amazing acro dancer. She could perform lots of moves effortlessly.


Because of Jennifer's attitude and front persona, she has a few close knit relationships.


  • Jennifer lives with one of her best friends because she did not want to be in the same house as her new sisters,
  • She lives in Port Perry, the same town as Ozzy and where The Davies Dance Company is located.
  • Jennifer stopped dance when she left her family home.
  • Jennifer had only 4 injuries during her dancing career, an number that she proud of because of the dance style she performs and that her brother has been injured soo many times