Noah has a series of relationships.


Noah's mother

The extent of Noah's relationship with his mother is unknown, but she brings Noah and Amanda to the hospital for Noah's back surgery, thus implying that she loves her son and is supportive of his relationship with Amanda.


Montevideo is Noah's cat, Noah speaks quite found of him.



Alfie is one of Noah's close friends when they are on A-Troupe together.

Noah becomes acquainted with Alfie before his A-Troupe audition. Noah becomes close to him, at one point even being his partner for the final Regionals qualifier.


Noah bonds with Cierra over the fact that they are both new to A-Troupe and subsequently performs an exceptional duet with her.


Noah looks up to Eldon due to his expertise in dance.

Noah challenges Eldon for the Internationals solo and, despite Eldon's consistent patronizing behaviour, remains confident. While Noah loses this battle, he later performs a duet with him and is flattered by Eldon's compliments of him, aspiring to one day be as great as him.


Henry is Noah's best friend.

Noah becomes acquainted with Henry before their audition for A-Troupe, where Noah finds comfort in Henry's calmness. He becomes closer to him as they spend more time together while on the troupe, resulting in a solid friendship.

After discovering that Jacquie is Henry's ex-girlfriend and being forbidden from dating her, Noah initially decides that he will comply, as he cherishes his friendship with Henry too much. His strong feelings for Jacquie persist nonetheless and, not wanting to upset Henry, he lies about these feelings and decides that he must get over them. However, Henry catches on to his lies and Noah loses his friendship. Noah becomes set on regaining this friendship with Henry but confronts Henry about his behaviour of which he is frustrated with. He is happy when Henry apologizes to him and even more so when he resumes his friendship with Henry.


Noah and Piper first become friends when they audition for the Regionals trio qualifier together. They dance as two little kids who grow up and fall in love; Piper believes that they (and Sloane) are a great team. They are happy to be the selected trio, even though Sloane is replaced by Richelle.

When Noah's back acts up and he marks through their Regionals trio qualifier, Piper, along with Richelle, get angry at him when Riley allows Skylar's trio to audition again. However, when Riley decides to keep the original trio, Piper, along with Richelle, hug Noah in excitement.

When Noah's performance at the qualifier only gets them 86 points, Piper is disappointed at their score, but does not seem as angry at Noah as Richelle is.

Noah and Piper do not interact much until the following dance season. When they both make it onto TNS East, Noah is the first to help Piper when she struggles with the acro-oriented choreography. He compliments her on her turns, even getting into trouble with Emily because he changed Daniel's choreography from a front walkover to a double attitude turn.

Later, when Piper is cut from TNS East and becomes the dance captain of TNS West, Noah remains her friend. He defends her when Elliot lies to Michelle and West about changing the choreography. Noah is also the first person whom Piper and Amy approach with their idea of merging teams; they also elicit his help in asking other dancers to join the merge. Even when Noah replaces Piper as the dance captain of A-Troupe, Piper is disappointed, but applauds him nonetheless. Later, she even confesses that he is doing a good job.

Noah and Piper's friendship continues even after Noah has replaced Piper as dance captain. When Piper is in danger of getting cut from A-Troupe due to her lack of acro skills, Noah willingly gives up his dance captaincy to Lily in the hopes that Lily will keep Piper on the team.


The true status of Noah's relationship with Richelle is unclear, although, he has known her for a long time and knows her extremely well.

Noah has danced with Richelle on J-Troupe for years and enters A-Troupe at the same time as her, notably being the only one not to vote for Max to be on the Internationals team instead of Richelle. In his younger years, Noah seems much more friendly with Richelle and once claims her to be his best friend.[Reference needed] Although, Noah seems to drift apart from Richelle while on A-Troupe with her, later claiming that she "doesn't really hang out with anyone," implying that he no longer spends time with her. Nonetheless, he does care for her, as he is apologetic when she grows angry with him about him deeming her emotionally stiff.

Despite Noah not having visited Richelle at the hospital during her injury, he is very happy when she returns, notably smiling when he sees her as well as calling her "dance-zilla" and believing that she is the perfect person to bring down Miss Angela. When it appears as though Richelle has betrayed all of them, Noah reacts most angrily to her betrayal, probably because he trusted her the most to help them. When Richelle's plan to get rid of Miss Angela ultimately works and her true colours are revealed, Noah and Richelle appear to be on friendly terms once again, with them playfully smearing each other with cake during the food fight and Noah showing how well he knows her by stating that she is likely displeased about her line placements for the Regionals group dance.


The first mention of the two's friendship was when Lily mentioned the two were "becoming friendly these days" or something along those lines.


Noah becomes friends with Theo upon consulting him for help about the production of his song. When he is in the hospital, Noah personally asks Theo to ensure Amanda's comfort.

Love interests


Noah is immediately infatuated with Abi upon meeting her and is thus disappointed to be pitted against her in the dance battle for the Internationals team and even more so when he wins. Although, his pursuit for Abi, however awkward it may be, resumes once Abi joins B-Troupe. After countless unsuccessful stints at wooing Abi, Noah decides that he will kiss her at Amanda's surprise party. Noah somehow gets Abi to dance with him and kisses her upon discovering that Abi wanted him to invite her to the party. He allegedly blackouts right afterward.

Despite Noah's reciprocated feelings, Noah's relationship seemingly goes nowhere, as Abi moves away.


Noah bonds with Amanda through the making of a song and further upon getting outfit advice from her for a family gathering. Despite his evolving relationship with her, Noah does not become aware that his feelings for her are romantic until he asks Henry for clarification for his subsequent guilt upon lying to her. With this new discovery, Noah tells Amanda that he "really, really" likes her and also confides in her about his back issues.

Noah is thankful for Amanda's support throughout his diagnosis and hospitalization, even if a bit frustrated by her doting on him. Noah grows nervous about kissing Amanda, not wanting to mess it up and squander their relationship, but eventually goes through with it.

Noah eventually tells Amanda that he loves her and is confused and hurt when she runs away rather than resounds the sentiment. Although, he is understanding of Amanda when she reveals that she only wants to say it when she is sure.

Noah is supportive of Amanda throughout her struggle of deciding whether or not to go on tour and is thrilled when, amidst her struggle, she tells him that she loves him.[1] Noah is devastated for Amanda when she is taken out of the final routine at Regionals upon deciding to stay, even offering not to dance in the routine as well. Noah continuously calls Amanda afterward, but is concerned when he is sent to her voicemail without fail.[2]

Noah's relationship with Amanda ends for an undisclosed reason[3] although, considering Noah's alleged distraught following it, it can be assumed that Amanda breaks up with him as opposed to him breaking up with her.


Jacquie is the first girl to peak Noah's interest after his break-up with Amanda.[3] He becomes quite smitten with her, openly bragging about how great she is to Henry. Noah is conflicted upon hearing that she is Henry's ex-girlfriend and subsequently being banned from dating her. Although Noah prizes his relationship with Henry, his feelings for Jacquie prove to be too strong and he continues to pursue her, even losing Henry's friendship in the process.

In the midst of trying to regain Henry's friendship, Noah inadvertently sends Jacquie a series of mixed signals, which he struggles to properly redirect. After Jacquie tells him that they should just remain friends, Noah reveals his true feelings to her, ultimately assuring her that he is "all in if [she is]."[4] This begins his relationship with Jacquie. {[TBA}}


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