Ozzy is a hip-hop dancer on A-Troupe.

Ozzy was originally a member of J-Troupe during the Off Season. He was banned from auditioning for A-Troupe and is sent to B-Troupe because of the dance style that he is most proficiently in. Ozzy seizes the opportunity to be on TNS West when Michelle offers B- Troupe to join her troupe.


2003- 2006 Before dance

Before starting to dance, it was unclear to nether Ozzy's parents nor him that he would have the number of or severity of ankle injures that he has had in the past.

2006- 2014 The Davies Dance Company

Dates he joins and leaves the different teams

On the 18th April 2006, Ozzy decided to join the life of dance

On the 1st September 2007, Ozzy joined the Port Perry Pre-School.

On the 27th March 2008, Ozzy and Jennifer become the co-captains for Ballet Babies.

On the 6th April 2008, Ozzy and Jennifer joins the Diva Dancers. He then decided to leave the team and the studio on 27th September 2014, so that he

For 7 years, Ozzy was a part of The Davies Dance Company, a studio owned by Ozzy's Parents.

The different injures that he gets whilst there.

He was first in the Ballet Babies were he was part of the troupe for a matter of months before gaining his first ankle injury, which took he out for a around 3 weeks.

It would be another 2 years before another ankle injury and this one only took him out for 2 weeks.

Before the show

Ozzy decided to join dance because one of his friends did so.

Ozzy joined J-Troupe at some point and started his rivalry with Heathcliff.

Ozzy has been to Las Vegas with his family at some point.

The Off Season: Season 1

Ozzy develops a crush on Richelle after finding that she is J-Troupes new teacher after Amanda leaves.

Season 5

Ozzy is very excited about auditioning for A- Troupe, but when he is not allowed to, he becomes quite upset. He then joins B- Troupe and is one of the first people to join Michelle new troupe. Ozzy is quite disappointment when his team loses the dance battle to TNS East. But with Kingston help, he find out that Elliot is a professional dancer and makes sure that he gets kicked out The Next Step. This makes TNS East's win invalid. When TNS West tries to make it know that the win was not valid, Ozzy was very much wanting to make the point known. Then when it became know that The Next Step would not be going to Regionals, Ozzy was really upset by this. When it was time to do the qualifier video, Ozzy was in charge of booking the venue, but then realised that he had booked it on the wrong day, so when he tried to get it back it was already booked. When he told Kingston this, Kingston helped him find a new place to shoot in.

When the team got into Regionals, Ozzy was really excited by this.

The Off Season: Season 2

When asked, Ozzy danced about his happy place. but when he sits back down he is met with an angry Kingston with the news that you never say that you want to be anything but a dancer.

Let's Get This Started fanfiction

Richelle's Episodes

Ozzy decides to visit a recovering Richelle whist she is in hospital. When he come the first time Richelle asks him about the studio, but it is obvious that that it cause him some discomfort. When Ozzy came back for the second time with Lola it becomes obvious that he has become injured and that it is some what bad, but he pushes it off saying that he just needs to rest it and that he will be fine.

When Richelle went to visit Emily and Michelle, Michelle asked for her to look out for Ozzy because she noticed that Ozzy was wincing when walking around the juice bar.

On the day that Richelle returned to the studio, Ozzy was not seen much, this was because of hs injury and because he did not want to rehearse with Lily. He also was not told his weakness, this could have been because Richelle did not want to be mean to him.

Piper's Episodes.

The only episode that Ozzy appears in during Piper's Episodes is Piper's Return. When Ozzy arrives at The Next Step, he goes straight to the locker room to sort out his support tape on his foot, Piper enters just before Ozzy has finshed and Piper questions weather or not he is OK, he then assures that he is. He then gets up to leave when his foot gives way, falls over, Piper rushes over making sure that he is OK. He assures to her that he is and tells her that he is having a very clumsy day. He goes on to tell her that rehersal will be starting soon and that he will meet her in there.

Ozzy's Episodes.

At the start of Ozzy's Episodes, it was revealed, by Ozzy himself, that he is injured and that he has injuries like this one before.

During Am I Injured? it is said Ozzy went to the doctor with Finn, this at the time was the only person who was a part of The Next Step that knew of Ozzy's injury.

Michelle's Episodes.

Ozzy appears in 2 episodes of Michelle's Episodes, Working in Shakes and Ladders & Co-Mangers or Co-Studio Heads. During his first appearance it is when Ozzy has only just injured himself, he goes into Shakes and Ladders visibly limping and goes straight to the counter. Michelle obviously askes him if he is OK but is met with Ozzy insisting that he is fine and wanting a juice. When the juice has been made, he gets it and leaves straight away leaving both Emily and Michelle confused.


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Ozzy's Timeline


  • If Ozzy were not a dancer, he would be a video game designer, possibly making the game that he was dancing around in her Stacy Carpenter audition

Ozzy's Dance carrer

  • Ozzy has had ankle injuries 8 times of the 10 years that he has been a dancer. This is a lot of injury that his ankles have had to deal with.
  • Ozzy very nearly joined his parents studio called The Davies Dance Company, this was due to him not having as much pressure that he does at The Next Step.
  • Every time when he has been injured, he still goes back to Davies Dance because it helps him recover.
  • Ozzy has never been to another studio to dance in except from TNS and TDDC because he is so dedicated to the things that he loves.

Ozzy's Family Life

  • Ozzy lives in Port Perry, Ontario with his parents. His sister also lives in Port Perry, but does not live in the same house as Ozzy because she did not want to live in the same house as her new sisters.
  • Ozzy has 4 siblings, Ebony, Jennifer,
  • Ozzy has a twin sister who did dance called Jennifer, she was apart of Ozzy recovery and ultimately convinced him to go back The Next Step.
  • Ozzy has lived in 3 houses, birth to 2 years, 2 to 4 years and 4 to present.
  • When asked about the qualifier video that he was a part of, Ozzy snapped at his uncle Tony and is no longer allowed at family reunions.

Events that happen during the mini series

  • The doctors that Ozzy goes to in The Doctors is a real doctors surgery and the hospital that he goes to in What Should I Do is a real hospital, but both are in Toronto.
  • After going to Internationals with TNS, Ozzy chose to go back his parents studio Davies Dance and will be competing in the 20th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals for Region 8.
  • Ozzy loves sushi, even to the point that he became ill from eating sushi from a street vendor on a 3 for 2 deal.