This is the page giving a brief description of all the people that are apart of Ozzy's family

Ella's side of the family

Order of age.

  • Victoria and Randell
    • Tony
    • Ella.
      • Ebony.
      • Ozzy and Jennifer.
      • Leanne and Marie (Adoptive)
    • Carter.
      • Christiana.
      • Louise.
      • Anna.
    • Kathleen.
      • Allison.
    • Tatiana.

Parents (Victoria and Randell)

Ella's mum and dad were former dancers and one of the backers of The Davies Dance Company. They live in Ottawa, Canada's capital. They hosted a family reunion when Ozzy was injured, but because of the injury he was not himself, he caused such a scene that they banned him from ever coming to another reunion again.

Younger Brother (Carter)

Ella 3 siblings and one of them is Carter. He is the younger brother to Ella and the older to Tatiana. He was a part of the reunion and was one of the people that prevented the fight between Tony and Ozzy fully breaking out.

He too was a dancer but did it only for on the side hobby and was not apart of any big teams. He danced all around the country, trying to find his true happy place and finally found The Underground Dance Centre, founded by Leon Blackwood. But because TUGDC did not really have the same structure as other dace studios, Carter really enjoyed it.

Younger Sister (Kathleen)

Kathleen is the only person in the Wilson family who does not dance, she did not feel at home at dance, so she decided to turn to sport instead. She became a really good basketball player and even got into Harvard University, one of the toughest universities to get into in America.

Younger Sister (Tatiana)

Tatiana is a world class professional dancer working for National Ballet of Canada. She started to dance at the age of 2 and got into The National Ballet when she was only 16, the youngest dancer to be in the company ever. She has been there ever since, making her way up the ranks, even at one point, choosing the new dancers that would come into the company. She is now the vice principle for the school and soon will transition to the top when the headmaster retires.

Older Brother (Tony)

Tony is all the above relatives older brother. During a family reunion, he asked Ozzy how the team did on the qualifier video, but because Ozzy just wanted to be left alone, Ozzy asked him to just leave it. Tony felt that this was an inappropriate way to talk to an adult. So he and Ozzy nearly go into an actually fight. It was decided that the two are no longer allowed to be at the same reunion together.

Nigel's side of the family

Parents (Sandra and Frank)

Nigel's parents live in Australia because they do not believe that their son made the right decision when deciding to marry Ella. They moved there back in 1995 and have not come back to visit and vice versa since. Nigel was an only child because they two came from extremely big families themselves and they wanted to make sure their children got the most amount of attention possible.