Ozzy's Parents first appear in Ozzy's Episodes.

Ozzy's parents currently have 5 children, 4 not at home and 1 still living at home.

Nigel and Ella were both dancers when they were younger, but they both left their studios because Ella became injured so bad that she would have to wait a long time before she could dance again.

The two moved in together when they became engaged and found out that Ella was pregnant with Ebony. They also moved out of that house when Ella was pregnant with the twins and moved into a bigger house ready for if they wanted more children.

Biography for Ella

Before the show

Ella was born on the 14th May 1975.

She started dancing when she was 3 years old and joined the Andy Stambridge School of Dance.

She was a part of Starstruck, Spirt Dancers, Rhythmic Eagles,

Ozzy's parents were both dancers when they were younger.

The two of then met at an Absolute Dance Nationals, but on separate teams, when Ella was stretching alone, Nigel came over and asked if she needed help stretching out her leg. The two hit it off especially when, during one of Ella's dance routine, Ella injured herself and Nigel was the one that help her to a chair.

The reason behind Ella's injury was because she and Tony( her brother) were partner for a lift, but it went really wrong and Ella broke both of her knee's in the process.

At some point the two became boyfriend and girlfriend. During one of their dates together, Nigel proposed in the middle of a park and Ella accepted in floods of tears.

After the two got married, Ella found out that she was pregnant with her first child, Ebony, this sparked an idea that they should open a dance company so that they could keep their love of dance alive and The Davies Dance Company was born. On the 14th November 1997, Ebony was born.

A few years later, Ella found out that she was pregnant again with twins, Ozzy and Jennifer. Ella was really happy because she had more children to look after and give love to, but she had more chance of having a big legacy behind her.

When Ozzy and Jennifer were born, it was discovered that Ozzy's ankle joints were not developed proper ankles joints and might not be able to walk proper. Nigel ad Ella were both devastated by this and vowed that if Ozzy wanted to dance, he was going to do so.

After Ella came back from her maternity leave, she decided that she would create more uniform teams.

Under 5: Ballet babies. The youngest dancers at The Davies Dance Company get to learn all about dance and really just learn the basics of dance.

5-13: Diva Dancers. The first team that performs at some events, it is just to really build up the dancers confidence.

13-18: Subtle Steppers. The team that is for recreational dancers at want to be on the team for the intermediate division but just need a little more time to improve.

14-18: Sassy Shakers. The only team from the studio that goes to Absolute Dance Regionals as a intermediate division, they are normally the best people in the studio in that age division.

16-24: The Thunder Steppers. The team that is for recreational dancers at want to be on the team for the senior division but just need a little more time to improve.

18- 24: Soul Movers. The only team from the studio that goes to Absolute Dance Regionals as a senior division, because not many people dance till they are 24, there are a lot less people in this part of the event.

When it was determined that Ella was unable to have children herself anymore, Nigel proposed the idea the family should adopt 2 young children and raise them as their own. Ozzy was extremely excited by this because he really wanted a brother to play with, but Jennifer was not so excited by this idea and so moved in with one of her best friends.

Ebony then left for university, which only left Ozzy at home with his parents. This meant that the two parents were extremely protective and temporally closed their studio to make sure that Ozzy felt that he had a good amount of attention before the children got there.

The two children, Marie and Leanne, were welcomed by open arms by Ella, Nigel and Ozzy. Ella was really excited because it meant that she could have more children to raise, but it was revealed that they attend a boarding school and that they would only really be hear during the schools holidays when all the other children they had would be there.

Ella was really sad by this, so continued Ozzy's time in the spotlight of love and decided that The Davies Dance Company was not challenging him enough, so they took him to TNS who, at the time, were the internationals winners and he got into J-Troupe.

Also when The Next Step entered its second dance season of 2016, the whole family decided to go to Las Vegas on holiday to see how American dancing differs from Canada. Nigel really found that trip inspiring and decided that he would use some of the designs in his own studio.

The Off Season 1.

When The Next Step had all of their current titles stripped from them, Nigel considered pulling Ozzy from the studio and put him back in their company, but when it was revealed that Richelle was the new teacher, Ozzy refused to leave the studio. A choice he would later regret.

Season 5

When The Next Step was spilt into TNS East and West respectively, Nigel though that would be a really good idea, it meant that his son would have.

Biography of Nigel

Before the Show


Both Ella and Nigel are really kind and that has transferred to their children.

Specifically, Nigel thinks that he is extremely cool, something that Ozzy has take on himself . He is also extremely confident, espially so when he has done something that other people have either not do themselves or not been as successful in. He is also quite quiet when he needs to be, something his children have not learnt themselves.

Ella is almost the polar opposite of Nigel, she know that she is not as popular as Nigel, but she is ok with it. Ella is also quite shy and one of the main reasons why she liked him soon much is because he brought her out her shell a little bit. When ever the children ever did something wrongs, she would not tell them off in the traditional way, but she would talk to them in way the said to never do it again.

physical Apperance


Ella has quite light skin, blonde/brown hair and light brown eyes. She weres glasses at night and contact lenses during the day. She is around the size of Ozzy in Season 6 through out the series.

Nigel has extremely light skin, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is extremely tall and uses said tallness to make sure Ozzy does not forget his place in the house.


Ella weres very basic clothing around their house and dresses quite smart when she is at the studio.

Nigel weres quite comfortable clothing aroundthe house and dance clothes around the studio.



Ella was an extremely good dancer for her time. She was a acro and ballet dancer, but she preferred to do ballet. she could do most of the other styles, but she did specialise in the two styles mentioned above.

  • Acro: Ella was a really good acro dancer, but she felt that she could do hip hop better.
  • Ballet: Ella was an amazing ballet dancer, she was the best ballet dancer on the troupe.

Nigel was an extremely good hip hop dancer. He still could do the basics, but his most dominate style was hip hop and breakdancing.

  • Hip Hop: Nigel was a extremely good hip hop dancer. He really enjoyed flipping.
  • Contemporary: Nigel was a really good contemporary dancer, but his technique sometimes was bad epically when he was performing hip hop for quite sometime.



Ella is really good at being able to read people, like when people are hiding things from her. She is also really good at putting peoples minds at rest when they are stressed out about stuff that they might not be able to control.

Nigel is quite good with spatial awareness because he was a hip dancer when he was younger. He had to do a lot of flips, so he really had to make sure he knew were he was at all times.