Ozzy's sociable nature causes him to have a few meaningful relationships.



Tony is Ozzy's uncle. Their relationship status is not fully known at this time, but Ozzy is close enough to him to ask him for help in terms of finding the location for the Next Step to film their qualifier video.

Tony was also on the back bone of Ozzy's behaviour change, during a family gathering that happened between Changes and Time out, Tony was asking Ozzy about how the studio did in the qualifier video, Ozzy snapped at him and walk out of the house.

Ozzy's Immediate Family

Ozzy's Parent's

Ella (Mother)

Ozzy appears to be quite close to his mum, Ella, considering she is the first person that Ozzy confides in about his injury. They also must talk a lot about Ella's previous injuries and dance as a general thing. The 2 also seem close because their whole family went to Las Vegas at some point, possibly for some sort of holiday.

Nigel (Father)

Ozzy is quite close to his dad because he is the only male member of the family at home during the episodes of Ozzy's Episodes. He is also quite close to his dad because he is the second person that Ozzy confides in about his injury.

Ozzy's Siblings.



Ozzy has a twin sister that lives with her friend.

She is also aware of his injury and understand when Ozzy's behaviour starts to change. She does move back into the household in case Ozzy needs to talk to someone about what is going on.


Ozzy's 2 younger sisters go to a boarding school in England because the two were very academically gifted.

Either one the sister are unaware of Ozzy's injury because of the limited contact they are allowed to have at the school.


Ozzy's older sister goes to university and on longer lives at home.

She chose to come home for a few days during her spring break to make sure that Ozzy was alright but then went back to her university after he went back to dance.


Michelle (Co-Studio head)

Michelle and Ozzy had a good and professional relationship until he started to act different around the studio.

When TNS West was in the creation process, Ozzy was the first person to join, so that shows that he trust her enough that he would want to join her troupe.

His behaviour made her question her decision of having him on the troupe and even at one point she considered replacing him on the team.

She was also apart of the decision to make Ozzy an alternate, a position he later drops when he proves that he can be professional but also know when to goof off from time to time.

Emily (Co-Studio head)

Emily and Ozzy has a good and a extremely professional relationship before he started to act differently around the studio.

She was one of the few people that actually knew about Ozzy's injury and felt that it would be best to allow him to work everything out and that he would tell her in his own time.

Eventually she wears thin with his behaviour and considers replacing him with someone that is better behaved.

Emily was the driving force of the decision to make Ozzy an alternate, but eventually decides overwise when he had time to prove to Emily and Michelle he can be a good dancer once more.

West (Co-Chorographer)

West and Ozzy had a good and professional relationship until he started to act differently around the studio.

Ozzy became quite resistant to work with West even when West offered him his one on one help.

Once Ozzy came back to the studio after his injury, he starts to build back up the relationship he lost with West. West understood why Ozzy was acting they way that he was and even told him about how Daniel once had an injury and were it lead him.

Daniel (Co-Chorographer)

Daniel and Ozzy had a professional relationship until Ozzy started to act differently around the studio.

After Ozzy came back to the studio, Daniel was quite resistant to redeem the relationship that they had built, but eventually confided in Ozzy with how it was for him to get into dance when He was injured.



Kingston is Ozzy's former best friend because of the amount of arguing they have been doing at the studio. The two have been arguing because of Ozzy's actions in and around the studio

Ozzy spent a lot of time with Kingston outside of dance after he arrived. It was because they were hanging out that Ozzy and Kingston discover the truth about Elliott's identity. When Ozzy makes some what of a mistake in finding a place for filming of the qualifier video on the wrong day, Kingston is the person that he confides in and they together find a venue.


Finn is Ozzy's former friend because of Ozzy's actions in and around the studio.

He was previously friends with Ozzy because their personality matched somewhat. They also had the same taste in games, especially so with a game called Legions of lasers at which Kingston as show interest in.

When Ozzy started to act differently around the studio, Finn started to dislike Ozzy more and more. It even got to the point of that every time Finn would see Ozzy, he (Ozzy) would shout at him (Finn) for some reason or another.


Ozzy and Piper were friends till Ozzy started to distance himself from his teammates.


Ozzy was some what friends with Amy and was somewhat upset when she moved to TNS East and when she temporarily moved to Gemini. The two lose their friendship when Ozzy starts to act differently around the studio.


Heather and Ozzy are quite good friends, but become less close when she decides to leave the studio in pursuit of her dreams of college, The two do still remain close and he feels comfortable enough to tell her about his injury.


Ozzy and Henry were quite good friends until his actions around the studio.


Ozzy and Noah's friendship really takes a large hit when his attitude around the studio changes. Noah tries to help Ozzy by telling him that he can tell him about anything. Ozzy becomes quite offended by this and walks out of the locker room, where they were talking.


Love interests


After finding out that Richelle is J Troupes new teacher, Ozzy develops a crush on Richelle. It goes as far as dreaming up a whole duet with her. After that point Ozzy flirts with her and even goes far enough to say that she will become her girlfriend, but Richelle does not match those feelings

When it came to the dance-a-thon, Ozzy asks Richelle in a very flirty manner. During the actual event, he asks her to dance with him, she does not immediately agree but eventually does so. But then he freezes up, stopping dancing and is ultimately out of the event

Because of Ozzy's obvious attraction to Richelle, he is her only secure vote when she was running for Dance Captain except for Lola. Aware of this fact, Ozzy tells Richelle that she has his vote for her only if she tells him he is cute, which Richelle reluctantly does.

In terms of Ozzy's crush on Richelle, it is very much a love at first sight, he did not know who she was until she became their teacher and he does not know that much about her except the fact that she loves to dance. He also does not show that much concern for her when she is obviously distraught about losing her captaincy or when she was not present when the team was suppose to see if they qualified for Regionals.

However Ozzy is one of only two people who mention Richelle's absence from dance and goes as far as to tell Kingston and Kenzie that Richelle will not able to be replaced.

When Ozzy's attitude around the studio changed, Richelle started to lose a lot of respect for him. she felt that the reason why he was acting that way was because he was jealous of the fact that she had Elliot were together.

After Ozzy returned to the studio, it became insanely apparent that Richelle did not want to talk to him anymore, he was just the former J-Trouper that kept asking her out to her. But once she saw that he had changed, she gave him another chance.

At Regionals, because Elliot broke up with her, Ozzy askes Richelle out and she begrudgingly agrees.



Angela was Ozzy's studio for a time and was every disrespectful towards him.

During their first interaction, Angela comments on the fact that he cannot wear his glasses and when he tried to comment on the new uniforms, Angela shuts him down.

At a warm up that A-Troupe had, Ozzy was some what struggling with the ballet warm up and Angela called him out on it, calling him by the wrong name, Fozzy.


Lily was Ozzy's dance captain for a period of time and was very disrespectful towards him.

At their first interaction, he was very resistant about following what she says.