Ebony is Ozzy's older sister and currently studies at York University.

Jennifer is Ozzy's twin sister and currently lives at a friends house and studies at Port Perry High School with Ozzy.

Leanne and Marie are adoptive twin sisters of Ozzy and currently studies at a boarding school called Lakefield College School.

Ebony: Before the Mini Series

Ebony started to dance at the age of 2 years old.

She was a part of Ballet Babies, Diva Dancers, B-Troupe, Subtle Steppers and The Thunder Steppers.

She is currently a part of Soul Movers and York University Dance Team.

Ebony also had a back injury that took her out of dance for 2 dance seasons

She frequently goes back to home and sometimes goes to visit her other relatives for special occasions in their lives.

Ebony: During the Mini Series.

Ebony comes back to home for the whole time that Ozzy is out of the studio.

She helps him get back on his feet and dancing again and help him with choosing weather or not he should join TDDC or go back TNS.

She also signed a deal with her parents that means she co owns the Ballet Babies, a team that she also some teaches when her parents are not available.

Jennifer: Before the series.

Jennifer moved in with one of her best friends Candance when she finds out about her new siblings might be moving in.

She started dance at the age of 4 and quickly progressed through the teams getting to the Subtle Steppers by the age of 12/ 13 but then completed quitted dance on her 14 birthday thinking that she would have to see her new siblings there.

Jennifer sometimes visits here and there mostly to get things that she forgot in the first moving process. Her parents are really did not want her to go but felt that if she wanted to go to her friends house to leave permanently, then they should not try to stop her.

Jennifer: During The Series.

When Jennifer find out that her twin brother will have to have surgery, she came back home for the whole time that he was recovering and then went back as soon as she knew that he would be ok.

She moved back into her old room, with most of her things in there still. She made him food when Ella was at TDDC and made sure that he was safe at all time, even though Ozzy was the older of the two, the heaviest and started dance before the two, she always make sure that Ozzy is ok because he was always a little more shy then Jennifer.

Jenny was also a part of the decision that took him back to the studio, she knew that he needed to go back to The Next Step because he had done his time at Davies Dance, he needed something new.

Leanne and Marie

Leanne is the adoptive sister of Ozzy, she was adopted by the family because Ella really wanted to have another child of their own and Social Services needed to find a family that lived sort of near to the school but not to close that they felt like they had never gotten out of the school.

Leanne and her twin sister Marie were left on the side of the road in Peterborough, Ontario. Their birth mother did not want children at the time, so instead of aborting the children, she chose to keep them, give birth and then give them up for adoption. The children were left in carriers ready for when social services came and they were only left for around 10 minutes.

As soon as they were taken into custody, they found a family that wanted to have children to raise, but was not able to do them themselves. They really liked the children and kept them till they were 1 years old. The two were then taken into different foster family and they too loved Leanne and Marie too bits. The couple to kept the children for around a year, but then they were put into a younger child care home.

At the age of four, the children were taken to the town of Kinmount, Ontario temporarily ready for the start of school, they were then taken to a boarding school, Branksome Hall.

The children also started dance as a part of the curriculum at the age of 5 and has been dancing ever since.

They have stayed there all their lives and taken to the local care home each holiday, but since it was closing down, it was agreed by the Davies that during the holiday, the children were to go back to their home.



Ebony is a really nice person, this is shown in Ebony's willingness to bunk off university, just to make sure Ozzy was alright.


Jennifer is quite a nasty person on the outside, but is a nice person when you get to know her. This is her unwillingness to give her new sisters a chance without even meeting them.

Leanne and Marie.

Not much is known about Leanne and Marie because they have spent a lot of time in the boarding school the two attend.

Physical Appearance.


Ebony has dipped dyed hair, brown/blonde with dark brown eyes