Oswald "Ozzy" is a hip-hop dancer on A-Troupe

This page is for what important events in Ozzy's life.

A number of new events added will appear in the second series for Ozzy which will come sometime during 2019.

TimeLine Of Events.

2003-14- The Davies Dance Company

1st April 2003- Ozzy and Jennifer are born

1st April 2004- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 1st birthdays.

1st April 2005- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 2nd birthdays.

1st April 2006- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 3rd birthdays.

18th April 2006- Ozzy joins Ballet Babies with his twin sister Jennifer

26th September 2006- Ozzy has his first ankle injury and is diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis, meaning that his Achilles tendon is significantly weak and could go at any moment.

27th October 2006- Ozzy goes back to dance.

1st April 2007- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 4th birthdays.

1st April 2008- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 5th birthdays.

2nd April 2008- Ozzy gets his second ankle injury with a muscle tear.

18th April 2008- Ozzy goes back to dance

27th March 2008- Ozzy becomes the co-captain with Jennifer for Ballet Babies

30th June 2008- Ozzy joins Diva Dancers with Jennifer.

28th September 2008- Ozzy has another Achilles injury and has to spend around three weeks to ensure that the injury has properly healed.

1st April 2009- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 6th birthdays.

1st April 2010- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 7th birthdays.

1st April 2011- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 8th birthdays.

1st April 2012- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 9th birthdays.

1st April 2013- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 10th birthdays.

1st April 2014- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 11th birthdays.

15th November 2014- Ozzy joins TNS because he feels that Jennifer is stealing his shadow

2014-31th January 2017

17th November 2014- Ozzy auditions and gets into J-Troupe meaning that he has left Diva Dancers and The Davies Dance Company.

1st April 2015- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 12th birthdays.

1st April 2016- Ozzy and Jennifer have their 13th birthdays.

10th November 2016- Ozzy love affair for Richelle starts.

6th December 2016- A-Troupe auditions. Ozzy joins TNS West.

20th December 2016- TNS East and West reform A-Troupe.

23rd December 2016- The studio closes temporarily for Christmas. Ozzy might injure himself easier

5th January 2017- The studio recorded the qualifier video. Richelle needed to become injured before Ozzy, because he needed to be called out about.

7th January 2017- 31st January 2017- The studio closes and then re-opens.

3rd February 2017- 19th February 2017

3rd February 2017- Angela starts as the new studio head

5th February 2017- Ozzy injures himself because of a tough rehearsal in front of Finn.

21st February 2017- Angela is fired, so know Ozzy can have a breather.

23rd February 2017- Emily and Michelle are reinstated as Co-Studio heads of The Next Step.

24th February 2017- Noah had a go at Ozzy because of his injury.

26th February 2017- Ozzy goes to the doctor.

27th February 2017- Ozzy is put in more dances and his injury gets worse

10th March 2017- Ozzy goes to the hospital because he knew that his injury was really bad.

11th March 2017- Ozzy starts to act more defensive around the studio because he was awaiting the results

20th March 2017- Ozzy and his parents have a meeting about his future at The Next Step.

22nd March 2017- Ozzy gets the results back from the hospital and his behaviour at the studio takes a turn for the worse

25th March 2017- Ozzy's last day at the studio and he becomes the alternate for the team

28th March 2017- Ozzy has the surgery that has been planned from his hospital appointment.

30th March 2017- Ozzy comes back home from his surgery.

1st April 2017- Jennifer come home to celebrate her birthday with her twin brother.

5th April 2017- Jennifer goes back to her friends house to get more clothes for her stay

19th April 2017- Ozzy goes back to dance and he is quite scared to dance.

Regionals - Ozzy's second surgery

28th-30th April 2017

1st May 2017- Ozzy decides to go to the studio to dance out his feelings

12th May 2017- Ozzy goes and talks to Emily about the next dance season and he was told that he was already on the team to be an alternate

28th May 2017- Ozzy goes to the auditions and see his new teammates for the first time.

29th May 2017- Rehearsals starts and Ozzy just marks through all the routines he might need to be a part of. He also finds out that the new studio head with Emily is going to be Hunter.

1st June 2017- Ozzy talks to Hunter and they talk about Nationals and how tough it was

17th July 2017- Ozzy has another operation on his foot and he is only leaving a day before the procedure

18th July 2017- The operation was to just make sure the tendon is ok and to put a new mesh on the ankle to make sure it recovers good again.

30th July 2017- Ozzy goes back to dance

23rd- 30th August 2017- Nationals. Ozzy is required for one dance during the 26th August, but he did nothing that could not hurt any of the other dancers. (The 26th August is my birthday and I wanted to have a little nod to that.

Internationals - TDDC

12th September 2017- Ozzy attended the auditions.

14th September 2017- Ozzy finds out that he has gotten back onto the team. He is only chosen for the finals routine.

18th September 2017- Ozzy raises the fact that he is not being utilised enough and is then suspended for 3 days.

20th September 2017.- Ozzy dances out his feelings. He is then caught by Emily and is told to not come back till the meeting they had organised.

24th September 2017- Ozzy has a meeting about his role within the studio and then ends up with his dance he wanted to be apart of taken away.

28th September 2017- Ozzy goes on holiday with his family.

1st October 2017- Ozzy goes back to the studio from having a short holiday with his family.

14th December 2017- Emily threatens Ozzy that she will ruin any way of being able to do professional dancing if any sort of accident occur due to him messing around. This gets in his head and he decides that he would just stay in the hotel room

15th December 2017- Ozzy goes to Internationals with the team, but never goes to the stage. He shuts himself in the hotel room because he was not needed in the rehearsals, so he refused to talk to anyone other Kingston and Finn, the people he was sharing with.

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