Piper is currently a contemporary and ballet dancer on A-Troupe.

Piper joined The Next Step under the impression that she wants to be her own dancer and not in her brothers shadow. During her second dance season with the Next Step, her best friend Amy does not make the same team as her and proceed to try to get her back to some fruition, she however in doing so ended up get herself kicked off the team to then join then team that Amy was on.


25th May 2002 to 5th August 2005- Before her dance career

Piper was born on the 25th May 2002 at the Toronto hospital.

She was taken on holiday for Christmas 2002 to Vancouver with her parents and siblings.

Piper went to many clubs when she was younger because she did not have much confidence.

Piper also used to go with her mum to take James to The Next Step and decided that she wanted to become a dancer on the 5th August 2005.

6th August 2005 to circa January 2016- Before the next step dance studio

Piper decides to start dancing around the house and her mum eventually after a few months to put it into the dance studio at Encore Dance Studio. She really enjoys it and really wants to eventually join TNS.

Sometime during 2010, Piper went to her first competition and it was with Encore Dance Studios, but as it was known at the time, The Twinkle Towns School of Dance. She froze on stage and was unable to complete the routine.

After this point, Piper went to another competition with TTTSoD, but again it changed its name again to The Encore Dance Studio. This time she was somewhat better, she was able to make it though the whole routine without freezing.

Quite close to when the open house for The Next Step is, Piper quits The Encore Dance Studio in anticipation to be able to audition and get into TNS.

After a few years, Piper goes to TNS during the open house and surprises James, who does not want her to join. Even going as far as to tell her that she should join a few years later, but she insist and tells him that she has already done the sign up sheet.

Circa January 2016- Regionals.

Piper is really excited when she joins A-Troupe and that she is going to Regionals with her new team.

She and a few other newbies on the team decide to create a club called The Zero Percent Club when she finds out that she is not the only one that is nervous about being on A-Troupe due to the pressure being soo high now.

When preparing for the trios auditions, it becomes clear to Piper that Salone is really nervous about weather she is going to mess up the dance, so she supports her and gets her to try the moves that are suggests and Salone feels much better about the situation. When the final group is announced and Piper is a part of it, she is really excited about it, but when she finds out that Richelle has replaced Salone, she is somewhat upset, but not as upset as Salone.

Piper is quite upset when the trio is under threat because of Noah's unknown back injury causing the trio not to be the best that it could have been. She then becomes even more upset when it comes to the competition and Noah still underperforms.

Piper then auditions again for the next qualifier and almost gets onto the team, but just misses out when she has to dance battle against Michelle and she gets under Piper's skins and into her head. But she is still really happy for the team when Michelle tells the Zero Percent Club why she did it.

When Noah's dance career is up in the air, Piper becomes really excited about the prospect of being on the team, so she decided to pair up with Alfie and use the duet, with some tweaks, that Alfie and Riley were dancing to see who would best fit the position.

Piper's position is then under threat by Michelle again when she requests that Alfie partners with her again not Piper, but Piper stands her ground and ultimately comes out on top.

One night at some point after this, Piper comes into the studio to see that Riley and Alfie were kissing. Piper is in such disbelief that someone that she respected some much would do something so underhanded that she becomes closed off from the team and everyone around her. Eventually, the secret becomes too much for her and she confronts Riley, telling her that if she (Riley) does not tell James when she has done then she (Piper) will.

Michelle then accidently finds out about the incident when Piper has a go at her. Piper's closed off nature becomes soo bad that her mum tell James and in turn he tells Riley to check up on her. James also calls Piper and becomes worried when he does net tell her what is wrong, so much that he feels the need to come back to the studio to make sure that she is ok.

Piper then continues to struggle with doing the duet with Alfie because she does not want to be in the same room as either Riley or Alfie due to what they have done. Then when Emily comes into the studio and asks Piper what she thinks about the situation, Piper tells her what has happened and then consequently gets taken off and replaced with Noah, who also is unable to do it, eventually being replaced with James because he is at the studio again for a little time.

In Java Junction, Piper finds an upset Alfie and tells him about the fact that Riley and James had some of their dates in Studio A, the place of Ralfie's first date together, Piper then forgives Alfie. When Riley and James are back to together and at the studio, Piper realises that it was none of her business to get involved in what was happening in the Riley- James- Alfie problem and accepts Riley's apology.

Piper is then put in the small group for Regionals when Alfie has quit the studio and gone back to Switzerland to mend a broken heart, but eventually pulls off the feat.

The end of the 18th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals season to the start of the 19th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals.

Piper decided to stay at the studio after the Regionals loss.

Piper had to work on her flexibility because she had lost some of it when she was not dancing as much as she has done previously.

She had also competed in a few competitions, but not like Regionals. It was the occasional solo competitions. Piper also won all of the competitions that she was a part of.

Before the start of the new regionals dance season Piper enters Neutral Ground and asks the Barista weather she was at the Absolute Dance Regionals, but assured that she is not, so Piper dismisses it.

19th Annual absolute Dance Regionals dance season.

At the audition, Piper performs really well and earns the last called place of the then A-Troupe, later TNS East, but at the expense of that Amy does not make, due to her trying to stand up for the dancers that were sent away from auditions due to the type of dancers that they are. Piper find the chorography difficult due it being acro-based and that is not her strongest style. So Piper turns to Amy for help and is subsequently roped into lying to Amy's mother about the team that she is a part of.

Piper is then punished for leaking the chorography and tells Amy that she is not going to talk to her till she talks to her mum. The avoidance of Piper and Amy comes to a head when Amy is chosen to do the choro for Leon Blackwood's masterclass, even though TNS West is only meant to audit.

Upon hearing that Amy has been taking out of the studio, Piper starts to take pity on Amy, so starts a plan to try to get Amy onto TNS East, plan in which involves teaching some choro, performing it to Daniel, in hopes that that can convince Emily. Piper is really happy that Amy gets onto the team, but her happiness is short lived when she finds out that Amy in fact took her spot. Piper then goes to Michelle and asks her if she able to talk to her, in hopes of joining her team and is welcomed with open arms because they have "been keeping [her] spot warm". She them goes to celebrate with her new teammates with ice cream in Neutral Grounds.

Piper attempts to enlist the barista, Heather, onto the team when she finds out that she is in fact a dancer herself. She is saddened when she finds out that Heather is no longer able to dance due to the monetary concerns that dance provides. She then goes to Michelle with the idea of a dance-a-thon, Piper is then made the dance captain for her efforts and goes about making her plans for the event. On the day of the dance-a-thon, she is sadly unable to take part because she twists her ankle when doing a lift incorrectly with Kingston, something that makes her upset because of her getting the most amount of pledges out of the whole team. She then attempts to convince Heather to take her place, which is successful.

Piper is then paired with the newest dancer to the team after Heather, Elliot and takes a immediate dislike to him due to his attitude for the dance battle to determine the place for the dance battle to determine the team going to Regionals. She is then forced to change the choro and ultimately tell Michelle and West that Elliot is horrible and is subsequently taken off of the team.

When TNS West does not win the dance battle with TNS East, Piper is quite disappointed and even more so when the whole studio is no longer in the running in the dance season. Overhearing Emily and Michelle's agreement to keep the team separate, Piper and Amy try to get the member of the opposing teams to join together and create A-Troupe again. This plan is successful, but Piper loses her captaincy to Noah. Feeling that she is no longer useful within the studio, Piper goes a cold warpath and tries to convince Heather to try out for the hip hop solo position at Regionals. Heather eventually has had enough and tells Piper that she is really just missing the power that she would have had otherwise when she was the dance captain.

During the time in which Josh and Piper were making up ideas for the regionals qualifier video, Piper realised her feelings with Josh were more then just friendly and thinks that Josh feels the same. So just before the two go to the venue for the shoot, Piper tells him her feelings and hopes for him to tell her that he reciprocates said feelings, but does not, leaving Piper heartbroken.

After the three week break that the whole team has, Piper auditions for The Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances about embarrassment. She says in talking heads that she is done with boys and is just going to focus on dance, something that will come up later.


  • Piper used to be a part of Encore Dance Studios for around 10 years till she becomes a part of The Next Step Dance Studios.
  • Piper has been injured before, but has pushed through with them, something that will come back during Piper's Episodes Season 2, episodes coming during 2019.
  • Piper went to Vancouver during Christmas 2002 with her family.
  • Piper, as a part of trying to get into The University of Oxbridge (A combination of University of Oxford and Cambridge in England), went on and exchange programme with a girl in Oxford for around 6 months in the time between the 18th and 19th Regionals.
  • Piper is going to be going to Oxbridge in September 2020.
  • Piper is currently in Grade 11 and 16 years old in current time.