Piper's episodes is the set of episodes that are based on Piper and her journey back to the studio


  • Piper
  • Amy
  • Richelle


Feeling Comfortable At The Studio.

This set of episodes are about Piper feeling comfortable at the studio again, will she succeed.

  • Where's Piper?
  • Piper at Home.
  • Shakes and Ladders
  • Piper's Return
  • Why Should Finn Care?

I Have Never Been So Ill, Ever...

Piper has been feeling unwell at the studio since being dropped at Regionals when rehearsing the final numbers rehearsals.

  • The Incident.
  • Being Ill.
  • Rehearsals.
  • Being Ill Part 2.
  • The Doctor Said What?
  • What I am going to do know?
  • Telling Finn.
  • No, I Am Not Doing That.
  • Recovery,
  • Coming Home?

Timeline of Events (Within Series)

Time Between Internationals (18th)- Regionals (19th)