This is the page for Piper's Family

Piper's Family is the one of the biggest family that has been talked about on Let's Get This Started, it was first mentioned during the second set of episodes for Piper.

Members of the family (From Piper's perspective)

James (Big Brother)

James is Piper's big brother and the little brother to 2 older sisters.

James was a long time member of The Next Step Dance Studio until he chose to stop competitive dance and carry on with the band. But when the opportunity arises to go to Bangers and Mash-Up Hip Hop Competition, he takes and goes with West and Eldon. This, at the start, does not mind Piper that much, but when the drama with him and Riley starts, Piper starts to feel really uncomfortable around the studio and requests that James comes home. This he does and he finds out that Riley kissed Alfie and that Piper saw. James then makes sure that Piper is ok and tells Riley that he forgives her. Riley excepts that and she wants to spend time with Alfie to see if their relationship will run its course.

Matilda (Big Sister)