Piper's Return is the 4th episode in Piper's Episodes.


This episode...


I am coming back to the studio today and I am terrified.

I know that Angela has gone, but I am still really scared to go back.

But I am going to try to do my best and get through today.

My brother. James is going to take me to the studio and make sure that i am settled in the studio, which I think that I really nice.

"Hey Piper, i think that we should be getting to the studio soon, I want to talk to Emily and Michelle about something before rehearsal starts." Says James, with his head around the door to my bedroom.

I have been spending quite a bit of time in my bedroom, just doing really menial jobs that I would not ordinarly do otherwise, like tidying my room and hanging up some photos that I have been meaning to do for a while. It has been strange not going to the studio, especially when I wanted to quit, because I wanted to go back to the studio soo bad after that little blip.

I have also packed, un packed and re packed my bag several times because I had been getting nervous again about going to the studio, it is quite hard to have that amount of self control to not want to just un-pack, re-pack my bags. But I do have my dance outfit now and I think that it is best if I wear my shorts and tight top so that i can cool down easier when I get stressed.

I walk out of my room, dance bag in tow and down the stairs. I walk into the kitchen and see my mum.

"Hi, mummy. Good weather today."

It is a tradition for me and my mum to talk about the weather in the morning, it is strange but can be quite funny at time. This morning it was normal weather outside, a few clouds were around.

"What would you like for your breakfast today?" She asks.

I am in a cereal sort of mood today, so I say.

"I think that I am in a sort of cereal mood today."

I am thinking cornflakes, they are simple and then I can have something after it to.

I pour myself a relativity big bowl of cornflakes and get the milk out of the fridge. I pour till all of the flakes were coated and get a spoon out of the drawers. I sat down and ate the whole bowl, then I went over to the sink and pour the milk away and get 2 custard creams out of the cupboard. Bit stupid considering because I will have a sugar crash later.