This is the main page for Ozzy's Episodes Season 2.

The first episode was first published during 2019.


These episodes are about Ozzy trying to get back to his former status on A-Troupe, but something is going to go wrong, but what is it?


Episode Number Episode Name Description Date of Publication
1 Dancing makes it better. Ozzy decides to go to the studio just for a little dance to make him feel better, what is going to happen to him? 2019
2 Auditions For Nationals Ozzy is at the auditions for the National team and he wants to know his teammates. 2019
3 Who Is The Next Co-Studio Head? Ozzy is wondering who the new studio head will be, will his attitude perk up a bit when he finds it out. 2019
4 Date With Winnie Ozzy is going on a date with Winnie, is she as good as Richelle 2019
5 Dance Pratice Ozzy has not been at a few dance practices, so he is a bit nervous for going back, will he be ok? 2019
6 Player Two Winnie and Ozzy is having a gaming session together, they started as friends but how are they going to end? 2019
7 Is This A Good Time To Go? Ozzy is unsure as to when to leave the studio for his operation. Should he wait till Emily and Hunter to tell him that he can go or should he just leave and face the music when he gets back 2019
8 Second Operation Ozzy is having another operation on his foot again and his is really hoping this time will be better. 2019
9 Does No One Like Me? Ozzy is finding life at TNS hard because everyone is having a good time learning all the routines, does anyone like him anymore? 2019
10 Nationals It is time for Nationals and Ozzy is really upset that he might not be able to dance there 2019