Port Perry General Hospital is the hospital that Ozzy was admitted to when he was going to have his ankle surgery.


Port Perry General Hospital was made because of the growing need to have more medical faculties in the area.

At some point during both Nigel and Ella's dance career, they have been at the hospital for their respective injuries. Ella more frequently due to the injury that took out her out of dance permanently. Also all the dancers that are in the two's family have been to the hospital too.

It also housed Ella for some time after Ebony's birth and a day for Ozzy's and Jennifer's births.

Once Ozzy became a dancer, the hospital almost became a second home to the family because of the countless amount of times that Ozzy has been injured.

During 2017, it became such that Ozzy had to have surgery on his foot due to the amount of times he had injured it and that if he has another, he might need to stop dance entirely. So Ozzy went ahead with the surgery, the surgery was putting a lad made tendon in his foot that would keep his foot safe till his old tendon repaired itself, and only spent 3 days in the hospital, till he was able to walk with his crutches. The procedure was a success and recovered within 2 weeks of the surgery. Then Ozzy went back to the hospital to hand the crutches back when he was seen by Richelle.


  • Both Ozzy and Richelle go to this hospital.
  • Why Richelle goes to this hospital is because she lives in Whitby, Ontario and Port Perry was closer to were she lived for her parents to visit her.