Port Perry High School is the school that Ozzy and Jennifer currently attend.


Port Perry High School was founded in the 1870's and has a elementary and middle school attached to it.

The High School was the last part of the school to be established, 1873, because the school was being built in stages of when the first group of students were in elementary school, the middle school was being built, then the high school when they were in the predecessor.

During the 1990's, there were some general building work done during the holidays to prevent any disruption during the school year, especially during 1940 when a drunk student was driving their car into the school and damaged a wall slightly meaning that the classroom was out of use till the school was able to fix the damage.

In 1990, it was decided that different blocked were to be built to help with circulation around the school, so the main building of the school was going to be revamped to included the humanities and English classrooms. Then the science and technology classroom were going to be in a new block that meant that fumes were controlled more. Languages and Art would be separate so that there could be more students that could choose the subjects doing it.