Richelle's Plan is the 5th episode in Richelle's Episodes and the 5th overall in the series.



I have been back at the studio at the couple of days and I am really understanding why the dancers hate Angela so much. All she ever does is focus on Lily all the time.

So what I am thinking about doing is to become Lily's friend and try to get close to her so I can find some important information about what is going to happen under her rule in the future.

It will be kind of like when Emily made everyone on the team hate her to get Amanda to be on her side to try to take her plan down.

I think I might suggest to her to point out the dancers weakness. It will show her that I am willing to make everyone hate me for her. It will also mean that the dancers will hate me, but I will try to mend that when she has gone.

I am also thinking about running my plan with Emily and Michelle just because they will know weather or not it will work. It will also be good just to catch up with them again.

A little while later

I have asked Emily and Michelle. They said that my plan is ingenious. I will just need to make sure that I rip into all the little insecurities to make sure that Lily will fully understand me. I also think that Michelle cannot hold up for much longer working in Shakes and Ladders. Some of the customers apparently are really rude and just down right offensive.

Now I am going to put my plan into motion.

I will have to gain Lily's trust by being really nice to her and I am thinking of becoming her assistant. Then, because she is choosing the alternates soon, hopefully "help" her by telling her the dancers weaknesses. This is bound to make her trust me. Then when we are hanging out she might slip up and give me some important information.

A couple of minutes later..

My plan is officially in motion. I have just became Lily's Assisstant and I "thinking" of things to help take the pressure off of Lily.

So far I have:

  • Choose an alternate.
  • Get all the dancer to trust Lily. (I doubt this one will ever become true, but if she wants it to happen then I will put it on the this.)
  • Get the dancers sprits up.
  • Get rid of Angela. (That one is for myself)

Later that night...

That was the worse thing I think I have ever done. Now that is saying something.

I was told to say what the dancers weakness were:

Henry's was that he unable to do ballet at all. His feet are like bricks.Jacquie's was that she only ever danced with one facial expression. Amy's is that she is too nice and that the studio will use that against us. Kingston's is that he has no formal training at all and has just graduated baby ballet. Noah's is he puts his relationships before his dancing. Dancing is not that important to him anymore.

I did not dare say Ozzy's because even though I do not like him, I do not want to upset him.

I really hope Lily trusts me know. Otherwise, I am going to have anyone to talk to

Then when I was in the locker room, Noah came and had a go at me about it.

He said that my weakness is that I am a traitor. Everyone was depending on me to get rid of Angela and know they think I have go to the dark side. I hate that I am having to hang out with Lily, she constantly thinking of ways to make the dancers trust her. She just does not understand that she is not liked and that she will never be trusted.

Anyway. What I am thinking of doing is:

  • Get Lily out of Studio a.
  • Have A-Troupe set up a fake party.
  • Get the photos that Lily was showing me.
  • Get a cake saying "Congratulations on your new job at Miss Angela's The Next Step".
  • Make sure Lily does not say a word.

I will give A-Troupe the news and tell them all the details. But they are not going to be pleased to see me though.

I am just walking into Studio-A and I can here them all talking about me. This is horrible.

"Hello. I have gotten all the information that we need to get our studio back." I told the troupe.

"What do you mean?" Said Noah.

"Well Lily told me about all the horrible things that Angela wants to make. She is going to make the studio all like a Las Vegas theme", It looks horrible.

It's soo gash.

"Ok. We need to stop this then. I have been at a studio in Vegas because we were going on holiday. It was horrendous." Said Ozzy.

"So this is what I am thinking. I get Lily out of studio a to practice our duet. Then you guys set up a fake party when Angela and Kate goes for lunch. After like 20 minutes I get Lily to come to Studio A just before the two come back. Then I will show Kate the photos Lily showed me."

Then Amy said.

"Why should we trust you? You offeneded us, well except for Ozzy."

"What other option do you have, if we do this then we are going to have Lily constantly thinking she is better then everyone."

Then Noah said.

"We should all write down a list of all the things that we need. Then work out who needs to buy what things."

So far we have:

  • Ballons
  • Cups
  • Table Cloth
  • Plates
  • Cake
  • Bowls for food
  • Table
  • Drinks
  • Cutlery
  • A Banner.

The next day...

I have not updated this in awhile, but everything has been set. We waited for the two to come to Studio A and it was really funny seeing Angela, Kate and Lily's faces when they saw what we did. Kate also was really mad about what Angela wanted to do, she fired her and Angela stormed out with Lily.

I am soo glad.

I think it is time to sign off for a while, but I will be back soon.




  • It is revealed that Ozzy has been on holiday to Las Vegas with his family.
  • This is the last episode of Richelle Episodes.
  • In my opinion, I think that Ozzy's weakness would be that he is clinging.