The Ballet Babies is the youngest members of The Davies Dance Company


The Ballet Babies were the first team that was made at The Davies Dance Company. Ella wanted to start off with 1 group of kids and have them grow through the studio. That was quite successful because 3 members that were in the original team and now going on tours around the country.


Ballet Babies is The Davies Dance Company is the only troupe that allows children under 5 years old.

The team is traditional lead by one of the older members of the team, a position that all the Davies children had at one point during their time in the team.

The amount of members on the team can change, but a fixed number was put in place of 30 members. All 30 members do not always come in everyday, but the days that the members do come in can vary.

When the Sassy Shakers went to Regionals, the member numbers were at an all time high, so the oldest children moved up to the Diva Dancers, which was an extremely good move because it meant that there was even better talent on the troupes.


Girls- Any coloured tutu and matching leotard during rehearsals, during field trips, the children were a pink, white or black jacket with "Ballet Babies" on the back in big lettering and small lettering on the front.