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This episode...


It is the day of my operation and I am really nervous about it. If this operation does not go will, I will never be able to dance again and I really want to go to Regionals. I am also really nervous about what is happening at the studio, I did not exactly exit that well.

I kept being mean to everyone around me and even the people that were trying to help me. Noah is even mad at me and he can take anything that is thrown at him, he got back injury and still went to Regionals with the team. Piper is also mad at me cause I refused to help her with the Regionals dance that we are both in. They are two of the most forgiving people on the troupe.

So as I look at my phone and see that all the team has not spoken to me since leaving the studio, it makes me sort of regret my decision to be mean to them. They have tried to get me to open up to them. I just wish I did and maybe I would not be in this mess.

I hear a knock at the door and the doctor comes in.

"Hello Ozzy, are you ready for the surgery? There is an opening now and you will be able to go home a bit earlier too."

"Yep. Just one quick thing, which anaesthetic am I having because I have a really high pain threshold and tolerance and I am not sure if that affects it at all."

"Yes it does, it just means that you will need to take a little more just to makes sure that it works and it will have to be general anaesthetic because your ankle is more damaged then ever before when yo have had injures." Said the doctor.

I am glad that I will be really out for the operation, so I will have to get back to you after the operation because i am about to go into theatre.

3 days later...

It went ok, I have to come back in a few months and have a another surgery because he has only put a temporary solution just because it is soo close to Regionals and that I am apart of one of the dances.

I am home right now in bed and apparently there is a surprise for me. I am not sure what it is. It is not close to a holiday for Ebony nor my 2 adopted sisters, so it might not be that. It is not my sister because she does not live here, nor does she want to anymore.

I really do wish that it is my sisters because when you have had injuries so many times as myself, you just really want your home comforts.

I am going to have to see what it is, but it is really hard to work the crutches they have given to me, they are the ones that they give to patients in Europe, not the ones they have given me in the past.

10 mins later

Mum comes up to me and say

"There is someone here to see you Ozzy. I think you will be really happy to see them."

Maybe it is my sister, I have been in contact with her recently, like when I have avoided rehearsals, telling her that I would love if she could come back to the house and the studio, but she has denied every request. But that is the type of person that she is, she has always done things the ways that she wants to and has done everything in her power to ensure that it stays that way.

She gets me down the stairs and I can see someone in the kitchen, and it is my twin sister, Jennifer. I have not seen her for ages and she is here in my house.

"Hi Ozzy!" She comes over and hugs me. It is nice to feel her warm embrace again.

She is also not really that big on hugs either, but when she wants to, she really enjoys them. It even went soo far as for a whole day at school, she would constantly be hugging her friends.

"Hi, what are you doing here?" I ask my sister. I never thought that my sister would ever come back to the house from when she left to live with one of her friends.

"Well, mum and dad called me and said that you had injured yourself and that you would need surgery. So asked weather I should come over till you get back into dance and here I am."

I am soo pleased and right before our birthday as well.

"We also have another surprise for you as well." Says my mum, directing me to a seat, my foot put on another to raise it.

There is a nock at the door and my dad gets it.

It Ebony. My big sister.

She came back from university to make sure that I am alright.

"Hi guys." She says.

She comes around all of us and gives us hugs, a longer one for me.

"This is the best thing that could have happened to me, well except from getting injured again. Having everyone that loves each other together again, thank you." I say.

I love my family, they mean soo much today and having them here with me, means the world to me.


  • The day that Jennifer spent hugging everyone, happened to me when in Year 8 or 9 and it has not happened since.
  • I think that this is the first time that Ozzy's sisters are seen and talked about.