The Next Step Dance Studio, usually called The Next Step, is the studio in which the series is based, located near Lost & Found Music Studios. The studio is currently owned by Kate, with Emily and Michelle as co-studio heads.

Cathy is the founder of the studio and acts as the head and owner until her retirement. Upon her retirement, her daughter, Kate, assumes the positions. When Kate leaves to become a judge for a dance competition in the United Kingdom, she retains ownership but appoints Riley as studio head. After Riley goes to business school and Kate returns to the studio, Kate appoints Emily as the new studio head. Kate grants Michelle the ability to be studio head of her own troupe as well.

The Next Step Dance Studio is once considered the best dance studio in the world, until their title is taken by Gemini Dance Studio.



Some time before the 1980's, the building became a chicken processing plant.

In the 80's it became a dance studio by Cathy. At some point, Lucien became an enemy to the studio with his own studio, Elite

Early stages

As the studio grew, new troupes were formed from 1995, these were: Baby Ballet, J-Troupe, B-Troupe, and A-Troupe, the troupe that competes in major competitions.

During the seventh year of Absolute Dance Competitions, The Next Step competed in Regionals won, but the winning streak was cut short when the team was cut during the small group round at the following 7th annual Absolute Dance Nationals competition, the only Nationals competition they had been to.

In 2006, Chris was hired as head choreographer for J-Troupe but at some point moved to A-Troupe and B-Troupe and in 2013, Kate took the role of studio owner from her mother.

Season 1

During 2015, it was the 17th annual Absolute Dance Competitions. A-Troupe was preparing for Regionals under the guidance of co-captains, Emily and Michelle. Ordinally it was Emily, but when Michelle came to the studio, it became obvious that she would be a better fit for the position. So some members of the team and Michelle started to prepare a dance to show studio leader Kate. This plan worked and Michelle became the dance captain of A-Troupe. When Michelle found that she could not it alone, she asked Emily if she wanted to be co-captains with her. At the start, Emily declined, but eventually she agreed and became co-captains.

At Regionals, The Next Step was eliminated during the round against Dance Inc. because of a wardrobe malfunction on stage, but came back to the competition because of a wild card spot. This was successful and the team went onto the finals and won the competition, toppling Elite's streak from previous competitions. This also meant that The Next Step won after 10 years.

Season 2

Having a new reputation from Regionals, it meant that if The Next Step did not win Nationals, Chris would become marketable. He leaves and becomes a co-owner of Superstar Dance Academy. Kate then chooses to replace him with her sister Phoebe. During the mid season, the studio goes into a dark period, Michelle left the studio, Emily became extremely untrusted and Amanda became the dance captain for the studio (she also was the dance captain for Elite). This was resolved towards the end of the season before the team went to Nationals.

Whilst at Nationals, The Next Step's chance to perform in the finals was nearly gone when Emily injured her knee but Amanda stepped up at the last chance, giving the team the chance to perform. This worked in the studios favour because The Next Step won Nationals for the first time in the studios history. The celebration was unfortunately was cut short because it was revealed that the studio was being evicted from the building to build condos.

Season 3

The building that the teams is situated in was bought by the teams rival Lucien. He was attempting to crush the teams chance to perform in Internationals and possibly getting the title. It was decided that the two teams were to have a dance battle. Unfortunately Emily and Michelle were not able to do a dance battle, Emily because her knee injury had not healed and Michelle because she had to be in Madison to help her mum find a home. This did mean that Michelle became the sole dance captain but chose to step down from the position due to her home situation was not good. Giselle was then granted the position after having to organise a trio and perform in front of the team.

At the end of the dance season, The Next Step goes to Internationals, the team even goes onto win the competition, making it the first win of Internationals by The Next Step.

This gains them the title of the best studio in the world.

Season 4

Coming off of the Internationals win Kate decides to steps down as studio head to judge a dance competition in the United Kingdom so she decides to ask Riley to become the new studio head which she does agree to.

Because of the international win, Regionals is different this time around and the studio has to win a qualifier in order to compete. In the first qualifier the team does not score highly enough to qualify because of Noah's untreated back injury. Riley then choose to pull the team out of the second qualifier, because teams could poach another dancer from a different team. So at the final qualifier, the team really needed to win. the line up for the team was changed many times but the finals duet was between James and Alife, a combination at the time seemed really bad but worked due to the hate between the two fuelling the dance.

Eventually at Regionals, the team made it all the way to the final but was beaten by Gemini, effectively stripping them of the Regional title.

The Off Season: Season 1

During The Off Season, it was revealed that Gemini had won Internationals. So they had also won Nationals and had stripped The Next Step from all their previous titles they had won. This meant The Next Step is no longer the best studio in the world and that Gemini was now the best.

Season 5

The Next Step Dance Studio's A-Troupe becomes TNS West and TNS East is created as a rival troupe. Since only one team from a studio can compete at Regionals, a dance battle occurs between the two teams, which TNS East wins. Although, the entire studio is eventually disallowed from competing after Kate becomes aware of the fighting between the two teams.

Eventually, TNS East and TNS West merge into a unified A-Troupe and are allowed back into the bid for Regionals. They create a qualifier video which is picked by a panel of judges, meaning that they have qualified for Regionals.

The Off Season: Season 2

During The Off Season, it was revealed that The Next Step had been shut for 3 weeks pending a outcome as to why Richelle's injury occurred.


Troupe Name Description TDDC Version ASSoD Version
A-Troupe Sassy Shakers/ Soul Movers
B-Troupe Subtle Steppers/ The Thunder Steppers
J-Troupe A troupe for young dancers that works on getting into B and eventually A-Troupe. Diva Dancers
Baby Ballet A troupe for young dancers to learn the basics of dance. During the classes the children learn the basics for ballet and just generally gets used to the studios environment. Ballet Babies Starstruck


The studio

The spacious studio is located in an old, russet-bricked building, near Lost & Found Music Studios. It is directly above the juice bar.

The studio's only ceaselessly recurrent room is Studio A, with an incorporated office. During the prelude to the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition, Studio B is used. From the period after the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals win to the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Internationals win, the Music Room is in use. The Lounge and the Rehearsal Room are only used after the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Internationals win, during the prelude to the studio's 18th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals loss. After the studio's 18th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals loss, Kate creates Studio 1 with an incorporated office.

A sporting goods store is mentioned to be upstairs, however it is only referred to once and never seen.


In Season 2, The Next Step members receive uniforms which are designed by Zoltan and Minnow. There is a different colour for each troupe: A-Troupe's are purple and blue; B-Troupe's are light blue; J-Troupe's are red; and Baby Ballet's are pink. All of the uniforms have the initials TNS on the left breast of the zip-up top, as well as the troupe's name on each shoulder and THE NEXT STEP on the back.



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Studio head


Studio owner

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