Time Off is the 6th episode in Ozzy's Episodes 1st season.


This episode...


I found out that I have to get surgery on my foot. This is the worse news over. The other injures that I have had over the years just required me to stop dancing for like two weeks and then I am good again.

I know this time was different, but I really hoped that I would just have to wait for some more time.

I have to have 3 weeks off after the surgery and then slowly get back into dance plus 10 hours of physio a week for 4 weeks after. This is totally going to mess up the teams chances at Regionals, but there is no running away from it know.

Today is my last day at the studio for a few weeks and Emily wanted to see me, I know she wants to talk to me about my attitude, but hopefully we can put it into the past when I come back from my injury. So I am going to the studio a bit early.

My mum dropped me a little further away from the studio because the hospital suggested that I should just walk around a bit around the studio instead of full out dancing anymore.

I walked up to the studio and went into Studio A. No one is there right now, so I thought that I would have a little dance, nothing too major. I go to the ballet barre and started to do the different ballet positions, when I see Emily.

She see me and makes a beeline for me.

"Ozzy, we need to talk about your position her at the studio, so if you may, please follow me to the office."

I do as she says, I am not really in the mood to back chat her today.

"So, Ozzy. Please take a seat" she says, Michelle comes in as well and she looks just as serious as Emily.

"Oh, this is serious." I say.

When ever something is serious and they will be in the office for a long time, they sit down. It is kind of a minor thing but it is a customary thing that just happens.

"Yes, Ozzy it is. Very much so." Says Michelle.

"Me, Michelle and your mum have been talking and we have already agreed that you need to take sometime and really consider weather you want to still be on this team, really think about your attitude and work on the dances that you are shadowing." Says Emily,

I knew that my mum were talking to the two and see what to do, but I knew that she wanted to have the break so that my recovery from the surgery was not rushed to ensure I was not replaced on the team.

"Yes, and on from what Emily has said, when you come back, you will have to be on your a-game and no more of this mean Ozzy that no one likes because you are going to be the alternate for the team, so you will have to learn all the dances before regionals."

I can be on my a-game right now, it is just so hard to dance, feel the pain and know that I could permanently injure myself at my point. I just need to process all of this.

"Are you ok, Ozzy." Say Emily. I have been staring off into space this whole time.

I get up and turn to leave, just before I leave I say.

"I will see you later I guess."

I go back over to the ballet barre and carry on practicing.

After about 20 minuets, Emily and Michelle come back out of the office and watch me practicing.

Eventually they leave and then the team comes in and see me, surprised.

Kingston even says to me "Hey, are you here for rehearsal today."

But I do have to tell him the news though at some point.

I will.



  • Ozzy
  • Emily
  • Ella Davies
  • Michelle
  • Kingston


  • Ozzy does not talk to anyone like he has been doing.
  • The fact that Ozzy has been needing to tell Kingston is the focus of the next episode