Time Off Part 2 is the second part of the Time Off episode.


This episode...


Today is the day, I am going to tell Kingston that I am injured.

I have sent him a text telling him to come to The Davies Dance Company, my parents dance company.

Kingston has been my good friend through out all of this and I really want to tell him the reason why I have had how I am and build our friendship back up again.

I told him to meet me just outside the Subtle Steppers dance studio, TDDC's version of B-Troupe, a team that focuses on trying to improve technique. It is really easy to recognise which studios are which because the doors and the uniform is the same colour. I have a number of the jackets from the studio because I used to go to Davies Dance before I went to TNS, but the story about that is too long for know.

Anyway, he texted me earlier and told me that he would come after rehearsals had finished, it finished about an hour ago, so he should be arriving soon.

It has been around 20 minutes and Kingston is just looking around the studio a bit. Kingston's first ever studio was The Next Step, before then he would learn to dance though watching dancing videos, so he has never seem any other studios before. It is kind of funny because he is not used to all the things that we have here. For example, we have a small selection of physiotherapy equipment in the studios for people who have injuries, we also keep a number of mats for people need help learning moves that are dangerous if done incorrectly, like aerials. We are all about ensuring that our dancers are safe and it was actually myself that inspired the addition of the physio equipment.

Back to the conversation with Kingston. We went to the chilling out room and sat down, but it just seemed really strange, like he would be salty about what I would ask, for example "So, how was rehearsals?"

"Good, now we got rid of the salt on the ground that you dropped when talking to us."


"Are you in any good dances for Regionals."

"Yes, I have taken your places in the dances because of you being all over the place."

Eventually, I just had to ask him to leave because it was soo awkward.

I do not think that me and Kingston are ever going to be the same again.

It is a little a later and I have decided that I should go into surgery earlier, early as in tomorrow. I can recover quicker this way and it means I can dance a few days quicker in other terms.

so I have packed a bit, it has only been the essentials so far, mostly it being clothing and bathroom items that I need for a few days in the hospital.

I am actually really nervous this time because if anything goes wrong during the recovery, then that is the end for me and my dance career I have worked soo hard to get to the point that it is at know,

So I should go now, I will talk again before my operation.


  • I wanted to do this chapter in one full part because when I was writing it, I accidently wrote an episode called Time Out, but had the same sort of premise as Time Off Part 1, I decided to just do it in 2 parts.
  • Also on the main page of the fanfiction, it will be named Time Out Part 1 and 2 being Part 1 for the pervious episode and 2 being this episode.