This is the page for Uncle Tony.

Uncle Tony is the oldest sibling in the Wilson Family.

He started to dance at the age of 2 because he saw some dance video tapes from his grand parents


Before The Mini Series

Tony was a dancer when he was younger. He started to dance when he was two and when he was five, he was put into a studio with his sister Ella.

The two were on the same team for most of their dance career and were often partners for lifts. This would be one of the reasons that Ella stopped dancing all together.

During the teams Nationals performance, Tony had pulled a muscle in his chest, so he could not lift Ella properly. So when she ran up to him ready for a helicopter lift, his chest muscle seized up and he dropped her straight onto her knees. Ella was fine but her knees were slightly damage and would have been ok after some rest if not for another part of the dance to finish the number. Ella ran to Tony and he nearly had Ella to were she would be safe and could get down safely, but Tony's grip lessened due to his chest and Ella once again was dropped directly onto her knees. Both her knees were broken in the process.

After that day, Nigel left the studio and did not dance for 6 months. The only reason that he started dance again was because his parents made him go to the Underground Centre for a dance lesson, he found that he still really liked it but will only teach dance from then on.

When it officially opened, Tony was a teacher for The Davies Dance Company were he is still teaches today.


Tony is quite an angry person after he dropped Ella but before, he was really nice.

He would always help out other people in the studio, but after he came back from the National competition, his personality changed and he would be really mean to people and acted like Ozzy does in the studio during his injury.