What Should I Do? is the 4th episode in Ozzy's Episodes. The page was initially released on 14th December 2018 and the story first released on 15th. The completed chapter will be released before the end of the year.


This episode...


It has been a few days at the studio since doing more and I think that the doctor just wanted me to leave by saying those things to me. I did exactly what he said and not only did it make it worse, even my sister Ebony is saying that she might come home from uni early to take care of me.

So we got the appointment at the hospital moved forward because it is a private one. It is today and I have to miss rehearsals because we will never get that done in time and get back to rehearsals. That means that my mum will have to phone up the studio, they are not going to be happy as I have some rehearsal time to make up any way.

Back to the appointment, it is at the Port Perry General Hospital and it is really big, it is strange considering that Port Perry is really small and Toronto has their own hospital, so there is not really much point in having a massive hospital, but it has recently had some building works done and has been advertising in and around the area.

It is about 8:37 right know and I have just had my breakfast, I try to not have breakfast before I have appointments like this just in case the doctors want to do an immediate procedure, but this time I am hoping with dear life that it is going to be ok and that I can carry on dancing. It is my life. Seriously, I have been dancing for 10 years and 4 years of that has been time spent injured. When ever it is in my life, it is amazing.

Anyway, I am watching the tv downstairs and just going over what the doctor said and how my life has just changed soo much from then. It just does not seem real that I am down this road again, I was doing soo well, I only needed to take a week off in J-Troupe when I had strained a muscle in my foot in the space of three years.

My mum came in and gave me the letter to make sure that the hospital is Port Perry's, not Toronto.

Dear Mr Oswald Davies,

It has recently came to our attention that your ankle has been causing some discomfort. We would like you to come to the Port Perry General Hospital on the Children's Ward. You will not to bring some evidence of any previous injury history to see if there is any information we need to access. Also you will need to provide a phone number, which will have to be your own because you are over 13 years old.

The appointment will be for around 90 minutes, just to make sure we have all the information we need to make a good diagnosis.

Please make sure you do not do anything that could increase your injury and risk the chance of permeant injury.

"Yep it is all ok. Do you want to go now?" I ask.

"Yes. Get in the car and get it warmed up a bit, still has a bit of a nip to the air." Say my mum, she get really cold when she is stressed, so whenever I have a doctors appointment, she feels the littlest amount of cold ten times worse.


I get up off of the chair and thorough to the kitchen, were we keep the car keys. I pick up the keys, pick up a coat. I go through the front door and open the car door to the passenger seat. I turn the ignition and the car starts. The car slowly starts to warm and my mum comes out of the house, closing the door behind her.

We get to the Port Perry General Hospital with around 10 minutes to go to the appointment and we go to the place were the appointment is going to be on.

"Mr Oswald Davies?"

The doctor calls over the other people in the room.

Me and my mum get up and walk over the person that was calling my name and follow her through.

The room we go into is brightly lit and has a few chairs dotted around, I sit down on the one that is closest to the table.

"So, who do we have here today?" Said the doctor.

"This is my mum"

She types it into the computer.

"So could I have a look at your ankle?"

I walk over to the bench and take off show to my hurt foot.

"Ok, so there is some swelling around the area, which we were expecting. There is some obvious inability to fully have all your weight onto except when you dance. Also there is some tenderness to the joint, so we will have to do some surgery and I would like to see if there are some broken bones and if weather that is behind some of the discomfort. Is that ok with you?"

"Yes. Do you want us to come back on another? or when?"

"No, today will be fine, do you know roughly when you got injured."

"Since the 5th February of this year"

"It has been over a month, that is a bit concerning. It is not like stopping dancing bad, do not worry. I think that a simple surgery to put in a support in your ankle with ensure that the ankle will stay secure before we are able to perform another procedure to replace the damaged parts if that is ok."

"Yeah that is ok, so do you want us to go to the x-ray room to wait or what?"

"I think that it is ok to go to the x-ray room now and get the pictures. If you want to follow me?"

We get up and go to the x-ray which is a small walk from the room.

The x-ray room is a big room with a table were the x-rays take place.

"Hi, are you Ozzy." The kind looking nurse says.

"Yes. Were do you want me." I say.

"Just over by the bench and put your ankle in a comfortable position then I will move it as I need to, also do you have your phone on you"

When having an x-ray, it is dangerous to have phones in the room in case it messes with the machines, so you have to turn off phones when the machine is on.

I hand it to my mum and walk over to the bench, start taking my shoe off.

I am only in there for a few minutes and we are already in the office to look at results.

"So, we do need to get the other x-rays from the injures and notes from them before confirming what has happens so we will contact when we have figured that out. Do you have anymore questions before you do?" said the doctor.

"No I think I am good with questions. Oh, wait! Do you think that I will be able to dance soon again?" I asked, this is really important to me.

"So we do need to see the results before we can make any promises, but if you do not do to much before the call then you might be able to get on your feet for Regionals."

"Thanks" said my mum.

We get up and leave the hospital. We go to the car and my mum still looks really scared.

"This is going to be ok mum, it is just like the old injures I have had." I tell her, I have not told that I think that this injury is soo much worse then other ones.

Hope it is ok though...


  • This chapter has been written for a few weeks before uploading it.
  • The Port Perry General Hospital is sort of based on the Toronto Hospital.