"Where's Piper?" is the first episode of Piper's Episodes and the 6th episode overall. This fanfiction has been completed and the only reason that this fanfiction will be edited is to put links into the info box, to add trivia or to add the character list.


Piper is not at the studio, something must be really wrong if she is missing dance. What's bothering her?


OMD!!! I cannot belive that I have been benched before in my life.

Miss Angela is the worst person in the world. She thinks that she can just waltz in here and take over things just because of the amount of Absolute Dance Compitions she has won. I do not care if you have won 100, you cannot act that way in society and not have people try to defy you.

Anyway, she benched me because I told her that her daughter was not a good dancer and that other people are good at different things. I was not aware that Lily was her daughter, but honestly looking back at it, if my mum was a studio head then she would probably do the same.

I do not think that I should go into the studio tomorrow, maybe I should just wait until the dust has been let time to settle down.


Amy texted me:

"Hey! r u alright"


Noah texted me:

"Hi Piper. I think what you did today was really brave, even thought Angela might really hate you know. But just remember that you can always talk to me about anything concerning the studio."


James texted me

"Hi Pipesqueak!!! I heard what happened with the new studio head. Do you need me to come back home. The tour is not going particularly well anyway."

James is on tour with his band. He been working soo hard for this, I do not want him to miss out on something as big as a tour around Canada.


Another text, why is everyone soo obsessed with talking to me recently.

This one was from Summer.

"Hey Piper. I am soo sorry about today, I was the one that was meant to tell you about Angela and Lily. Also I think that Angela is thinking about replacing you because of what happened, so if you want to come in, then I think you should or if you decide to not come then that is fine. Ill cover for you."

I cannot do this.

I think I might just go to sleep and then answer the texts in the morning.


  • This is the first episode in Piper's Episodes and the sixth episode in the Let's Get This Started fanfiction
  • The title suggests that the other A-Troupers would be talking about were she is, but it is from Piper's perspective.
  • This episode is based on the events between the scene that Piper told Angela that other people are just as good as Lily and when Piper was not at rehearsal the next day.