The University of York (French= Université York) is the third largest University in Canada.


All the information in this paragraph is from Wikipedia on York University.

York University was established in 1959. It housed its first class in 1960 with a total of 76 students on the University of Toronto campus.

In the autumn of '61, York moved to its first campus, Glendon College. Then began an emphasis of the liberal arts and part-time adult education. It became officially independent as of 1965, after a period of affiliation with the University of Toronto (U of T), under the York University Act, 1965. Then the universities main campus on the northern outskirts of Toronto opened in 1965.

In 1965, the second campus was opened which was the Keele Campus. Glendon Campus then became a bilingual liberal arts college.

Current Students. (In Series)

  • Ebony Davies. 2nd Year.

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