Emily Riley season 2 episode 17 "What is this?! This is a mess!"

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Love to dance

Riley's POV

I walk over to my sister, her name is Emily,she is wearing a blue jacket and black dance shorts and along side a guy named Hunter, nice smile, blue shirt, grey ish sorta shorts, and looks nice, James is right now talking with someone else, he has a situation to deal with right now, he is not telling me and I have no reason why he is not, so I highly doubt he will ever be able to make it to the auditions for A- troupe today oh and did I mention, today is A- troupe regional audition day

“Hey” Emily says

“Hi” I say, I wave at hunter

“Hi” Hunter says

We walk into studio A, it is after internationals

“Get ready, let’s do the audition” Kate says

Kate posts the list 1. Riley

2. Emily

3.     Stephanie

4.     Richelle

5.     Eldon

6.     Hunter

7.     Noah

8.     Max

9.    James

10. Cierra



Amanda’s POV

I am just, slightly sad... I feel sad; I did make it in but only as an alternate, I can’t wait for nationals, then I get a second chance.


Amanda’s POV

I walk to Hidalgo’s to chat with Lucian

“I have a regional’s team for Elite, you in?” Lucian asks

“No, never, not now, you hurt the team I wanna be on, so why would I wanna be on your team for the team I left, so wait, why would you even ask me that” I say

“Because, I have a few others on the team that want to talk to you” Lucian says

“NEVER!” I scream desperately running away from Lucien

I run off, Riley wants to chat; she is wearing pink shirt and shorts

“Hey Riley” I say

“Hey, how was A- troupe going today?” I ask

“Oh I have not went there yet, Kate had to call rehearsal off today for the solos for dance captain since it is dance captain auditions right now, it is Michelle, VS James, and whoever wins gets to choose someone to be co- captain” I say

“Oh ok, Now I gotta go, my mom needs me” I say

I really do have an emergency, I just found that Abi is my sister, and she is now in the hospital

Riley’s POV

I walk over to studio A

“I choose Eldon” Michelle says, Michelle won as dance captain, now she is dance captain twice in a row for regional’s, and for Eldon, I am happy for him, let’s go ahead and win regional’s again this year

Hard to take

Amanda’s POV

I am on my way to the hospital, seeing an ambulance with my mom, holding Abi, she is my 13 year old sister (she has a crush on Noah) so, this will be interesting

“What is wrong?” I ask

“She has a fever `Mom says ``go now, ok, your uncle will be picking you up, and I will stay here`

Ever since my dad died, I have been losing it, getting dreams I am scared


 Look at my bedroom wall; this is where I will be staying, for the next month or a few

Noah`s POV

I walk over to my mom’s room

“Noah, I have something for you“Mom says

I walk over, wait, I am related to Richelle

“Woo“  I say, I walk back to my room, my life has changed, Richelle has been adopted by my mom, though wait, she never told me she was living in an adoption centre 

A- troupe rehearsal

Riley’s POV

“Good......., Get that leg up there Cierra..... And done! That was an amazing dance, but Cierra, you did not put your leg up high enough “Kate says

"Thanks Kate but my legs sting so bad"

"Don't worry Cierra" I said

Kate has recently been pushing us, I mean, even though it is our first proper rehearsal,  she has been pushing us recently allot

“Wait, think about it, why does this even matter, you guys already won regional’s before, and I mean, why do we need hard core dancing“  Cierra asks

I think Cierra actually has a good point

“yea“ Everyone else in A troupe says

“Listen, we want to be the very best, ok, now let’s get back from the top, oh yea and why do we need hard core on the spot top dancing? We need hard core on the spot top dancing because the regional’s opponents we have know we won internationals, so they will be coming bigger and better with more better moves that would be for the world championships, but sadly they had to cancel that, so we have to be better than the people we are VS at regional’s” Kate says “But on the bright side, now I am going to buy pizza for every rehearsal“

Honestly, Kate has recently been bossier yet with some good in her I have to figure out what it is

“OMD“Everyone says

We all run up to the pizza

*3 hours later*

“Ok, now we will be having playing a game of truth or dare “Kate says

“I will start, Hunter truth or dare.... “I say`

“Truth“Hunter says

“Do you prefer being here at the next step, or being in Wisconsin?“ I say

“.The next step....“Hunter says

“I know your lying`

“Fine I would rather be in Wisconsin “Hunter says “YOU KNOW WHAT, I WILL GO RIGHT NOW! “

Uh oh, this is very bad

"Why did you have to do that Kate?!" Amanda and Stephanie Stormed out of Studio A

"Uh.Uh." Kate Hesistated...

Studio B: B- troupe auditions and rehearsals

Beth’s POV

I look around, I am talking to Chloe, and Daniel made it into B- troupe also

“So, I got a new crush “I say, I am right now with Chloe, in B- troupe, we barely ever do anything here me and Chloe are on a bench, I am reading a magazine, same for her

“Oh, great, now you can finally stop obsessing over James“Chloe says

“I know “I say “I will walk over to my crush“I walk over to my crush

“Hey Beth“Charlie says`

“What are you doing? “I say

“Nothing much, just hanging out here with my buddy who also made it into B- troupe, Zach “Charlie says

“Will you go out with me? “ I ask

“Sure! I have actually had a crush on you for a long time“Charlie says

We kiss, and then I walk back over to Chloe

“I got my 2nd choice to date me, it turns out, unlike James, Charlie actually likes me “I say

“OMG “Chloe says... “Daniel just texted me and asked if I wanted to date him... and OMG for you too“

Oh and the people in the troupe are











Noah came and asked Abi to date him, Abi said sure, as Kate just came in here saying we are able to audition for A- troupe since Hunter left

Me, Chloe, Daniel Skylar, and Abi said sure

Amanda’s POV

OMG Abi is back alive...., I can’t wait to talk to her, I walk up to the door of my home, and open it

“Hey“ I say to Abi

And the chat is history after that

Riley's house

Riley`s POV

I look around, sitting on my bed, with my laptop out, folded on my lap, checking through my diary on notepad

1 day ago

Well, at school, I learned that friendships don’t left forever, someone made a lie about me, and now it is what the main school focus is, I was almost SUSPENDED from the school I go to because of it, just whym I can listen, if everything is quite and I am very super still, I can hear the sound of my friends plotting behind my backs

Today: Stephanie


Emily walks over to me

“I honestly don’t know what you are going through, but is there anything I can do to make it feel better?” Emily asks

“Yes there is” I say

“What?” Emily asks

“Stop being friends with Stephanie” I say

Today I at start writing down

Well, Emily, she is Stephanie’s friend, I found out when Stephanie called me a jerk, and Emily spook up for her, and not her own sister, and so now, I am really mad


New person onto the team

Riley’s POV

I look around, Daniel is here

“What brings you here?” I ask

“I joined” Daniel says

“Listen” Noah says “I am leaving so I can in B- troupe with Abi”

Noah walks out

“I am leaving since nobody likes me” Shantel says

Great, we need one more person


“Amanda is now a part of the team” Kate says

Amanda’s POV

YES I made the team, I finally am where I deserve to be :)

Well, yay, it is almost time for regionals

Stepping down

Riley’s POV

I am right now looking around in studio A.

“I honestly think it is time for me to step down as dance captain, and let someone else be dance captain” Michelle says

“Who wants to be dance captain?” Kate asks

*Me and James” I say

“Me and Eldon” Amanda says

Me and James perform a duet, and then after Amanda and Eldon perform a duet

“Who wants James and Riley as dance captain” Kate asks

We get 8 votes, 0 for Amanda and Eldon

“OMG” I scream

“I have some news” Kate says

“Yes” I ask

“Phoebe has left to work for LOD so Chris is back!” Kate says

“Now, let’s get started!” Chris says


Kate’s POV

“I am leaving” Chloe says

“Why?” I ask

“I wan wanna be with Daniel’s troupe, he is in B- troupe, so I never get to see him” Chloe says

“Ok” I say

Chloe’s POV

I walk into B- troupe

“OMG you’re back!” Charlie says

“Glad you’re back!” Beth says

“I came back for Daniel, since I felt lonely without being in the same troupe” I say

“Thanks, I love you” Daniel says

I walk up to Daniel giving him the biggest hug I can give

Kate’s POV

I got someone to be the replacement

“Guess whose back!” Tiffany says

“OMG!” everyone in the troupe screams, everyone huddles around her screaming, and then hugging her

Dance captain fights

Tiffany’s POV

“So, can I be dance captain?” I ask

“No, we already have 2 co- captains, Riley and James” Kate says

“Fine” I yell

I run off, Riley runs to follow me

“Listen, you can’t always get what you want, and I mean you NEVER EVER wanted to be dance captain anyways, you said it was a bad thing to do because you would always get caught in the middle of drama” Riley says

“You know what, you’re right” I say

I walk over to studio A with Riley

“I am back” I say

Everyone screams again and hugs me again,

“I am so super happy you are back!” Michelle says

“Let’s get started” I say

We run through our dance, teaching me it, I get through it fine

Are We Friends? Part 1

Michelle’s POV

I look around

“Hey Tiffany?” I ask

“Yes?” Tiffany asks

“Do you wanna do a duet together for regionals?” I ask

“Sure, but why?” Tiffany asks

“To build our bonding, I know last year at regional’s you were Emily’s mean friend, you hurt me, so I want to come a bit closer like best friends, or just friends, because I don’t wanna be enemies with my troupe members, no one should be enemies with their troupe members unless they wanna lose” I say

“Ok, let’s do this, what song?” Tiffany says

“Turn me around, which is the song we are doing for the finals, plus, we can do break-dance, hip hop, and contemporary in it” I say

“Should we make a new dance? You know, like to rebel, we should have a new dance captain, like you, I liked it when you were dance captain, you would fit the studio just perfectly, I mean, Emily VS you, you would be the way better dance captain, so what do you say?” Tiffany asks

“I will see” I say “But for now let it just be a duet” I say

“Fine” Tiffany says

Tiffany’s POV

I am a little upset with Michelle; I walk over to Ms Kate

“Hi” I say

“Hi, what did you wanna talk about” Kate says

“I wanna say that, I and Michelle have an overthrow dance we want you to check out for the finals, so that Michelle can be dance captain” I say

“Let me see this” Kate says

Kate walks into the music room where Michelle is

“Here” I say

“Ok, thanks, Michelle you and Tiffany wanna be dance captain, let’s see your routine for it” Kate says

Michelle has a mad face

“Fine, Tiffany, let’s do this” Michelle says

 We grab everyone in A-troupe, and we do the dance

“Alright, who is the better dance captain?” Kate says

We have 6 votes for my group. And 2 for Riley

“Michelle, you are our new dance captain oh and Tiffany, you are co- captain” Kate says

Michelle’s POV

I am right now mad at Tiffany, I said no, and now, I have to be dance captain with her! 

Are We Friends?Part 2

Riley’s POV

I am super mad, SUPER mad at Michelle

“Hey, Michelle, can we talk” I say

“Yea” Michelle says        

“Why did you take my dance captaincy?”  I say

“Well, me and Tiffany to make a duet with me for the finals routine, she asked if this could be a overthrow routine because she said, I am the better dance captain and that you suck at being dance captain, I said no, but she told Miss Kate about our routine and that is was to take Riley down, she asked to see it, so I guess at that point, I am now mad at Tiffany” Michelle says

Michelle’s POV

I am crazy mad at Tiffany, I just wanna make her off the team

“Hey Tiffany” I say

“Yea” Tiffany says

“Why did you do that! “ I say

“Do what?” Tiffany asks

“Make us lie to Kate, that routine was not to overthrow Riley” I say

“Woo, woo, woo it was not to overthrow Riley, Riley, you are back as dance captain” Kate says

“Great!” Tiffany says sarcastically

“We are not friends, and never will we be friends” I say

“Fine, well I am out A- troupe, since every hates me” Tiffany says

Riley’s POV

“Hey Michelle, are we friends?” I ask

“Yes” Michelle says

Now, all we need is to either get Tiffany back, or find a replacement

“Who wants to go and get Tiffany back, or go find a replacement” I say

“I will” Michelle says

The talk

Tiffany’s POV

I am crying in the music room, Riley walks in

“Honestly, I don’t know you anymore” I say

“We need you, listen, we do, because, we can’t have someone leave” Riley says

“Right now everyone hates me, so why should I” I say

“Just join, you learned that there is drama in A- troupe, we have hat drama to bond, and to learn lessons, so we can win regionals, but no matter what the drama folds up right after regionals or at nationals if we win, there is the reason” Riley says

“You know what, I am coming back” I say

“Yes thanks” Riley says

“I am back!” I say when I get into studio A. 

the showcase before regional

Michelle’s POV

Everyone walks over and does our finals dance, then does our other dance

“So, how is everyone?” Kate asks

“Great” everyone says

“Ok, get ready, this is it” Kate says

*1 hour later*

We arrive at regional’s, OMG this is amazing


*time skip: finals

Riley's POV

We get on stage and find out if we make it to nationals

"THE NEXT STEP MOVES ON!" the announcer screams

everyone hugs each other

The end of life at the next step

Authors note: I am so sorry, I have just been super busy, and procrastinating, because, on Sunday,, I was super busy, Monday I woke up late, and today I woke up really late, and I am so sorry, for the rest of the time I was procrastinating, and after school, I am busy until 1 hour after school, but my brother needed me and then that took like an hour, and then I was looking something else up, then I was in a skype call, so I was super busy, and procrastinating