Lola is a member of A-Troupe and a former member of TNS East.

Lola got into a trio with Noah and Richelle, they won the first round, but when they lost the second round, Lola becomes suspicious and believes that TNS West cheated.


Season 5

Lola auditions for A-Troupe, and makes it onto the troupe. When Emily announces that she will be re-auditioning the new A-Troupe, Lola takes part and makes it onto TNS East.

When Emily tells TNS East about a competition called "Ready for Regionals?" Lola gets into a trio with Noah and Richelle, and Emily deems them successful in the first round.

Lola is immediately wary when she learns that Riley, James, West are judges becuase they helped TNS West out. When TNS East lose due to being out-voted, Lola blames Michelle for making the competition unfair.

Despite losing against TNS West, Lola is chosen by Kate to replace Piper in the final trio.

Lola competes at "Ready for Regionals?" with LaTroy and Kingston and wins.

Lola partakes in the merge between TNS East and TNS West.


Season 5

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