Lola is a Jazz Dancer on TNS East.


Before the Show

Lola attended Encore Dance Studios, where she was dance captain. Despite the studio's competitiveness, Lola prioritized dance over relationships, resulting in her having no friends

Season 5

Lola makes it onto A-Troupe, exciting her, as she hopes it will allow her to make new friends.


  • Acro: Lola can do an aerial, an elbow stand and a front walkover.
  • Ballroom: Lola is proficient at ballroom. She teaches Kingston ballroom partnering in preparation for TNS East and TNS West's merge.[8]
  • Contemporary: Lola is very proficient in contemporary.
  • Hip-hop: Lola is very proficient in hip-hop, performing it in a routine during Leon Blackwood's masterclass.[1]
  • Jazz: Jazz is Lola's dominant style of dance which she is proficient in.