Lola is an Jazz Dancer on A-Troupe. But isn’t going to regionals.

Despite having been dance captain at Encore Dance Studios, Lola was friendless. She arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio hoping to make friends and successfully makes it onto A-Troupe.

After A-Troupe wins Regionals, Lola leaves and returns to Encore but Angela is there and returns to the next step and makes it on to A-Troupe.


Before The Show

Lola attended Encore Dance Studios, where she was dance captain. Despite the studio's competitiveness, Lola prioritized dance over relationships, resulting in her having no friends.

Season 5

Wanting a fresh start, Lola visits The Next Step Dance Studio and decides to audition for A-Troupe.

Lola makes it onto A-Troupe, exciting her, as she hopes it will allow her to make new friends.

Lola assures Michelle that she will realize that she wants to be her friend. Lola is extremely happy for Michelle when she becomes dance captain. When Lola learns that Richelle does not have many friends, Lola befriends her, which she eventually succeeds in.

Lola is ecstatic to be deemed the soloist of Eldon's routine, but grows embarrassed upon discovering that Eldon mistook Jacquie for her, making Jacquie the actual soloist. Lola is comforted by Jacquie and motivated to keep trying.

Lola is ecstatic to have helped her team win the dance battle against TNS West,but is shocked at the teams' subsequent fighting and the studio ultimately being disallowed from competing at Regionals at all. Lola is therefore receptive to the idea of the merge and, having befriended Kingston, helps him improve his ballroom dancing so that he can be ready for it. When Kingston becomes frustrated, Lola encourages him by citing her inability to ride a hoverboard. Lola is content about the eventual merge and the team's allowance to bid for the Regionals title.

Lola urges Richelle to tell somebody about her snapping hip syndrome when confided in about the diagnosis, but is coerced into keeping the injury a secret. Lola struggles with keeping this secret and seeks Heather for advice, causing miscommunication that leads Michelle to believe Lola the injured one. Even though Lola is able to get out of this pickle via a doctor's note, she is shocked at Richelle's continued refusal to confess her injury. Knowing that she can do nothing more to dissuade Richelle from dancing, Lola breaks the shank of one of Richelle's pointe shoes.

Upon hearing Richelle's assertion that Zara broke her pointe shoe, Lola fesses up to her transgression and, despite her explanation, is dismissed by Richelle. Lola initially believes that her plan worked, but realizes otherwise upon witnessing Richelle fixing her shoe with duct tape and ultimately dancing in the video. Lola worries about Richelle, seeing as she leaves the venue directly after filming and refuses to answer her texts, but is nonetheless ecstatic about the team winning Regionals.

Season 6

After winning Regionals, Lola has left the next step. Lola returns to the studio.