Clara goes out for the first time since recovering from her breakdown (in Season 2 of Lost & Found Music Studios) and returns to The Next Step Dance Studio, where she turns up at TNS East. Although Clara knows exactly where she is, in her mind she feels lost and doesn't know where she truly belongs. She has two choices: make a fresh start and return to dance at The Next Step, or resume her old spot at Lost & Found Music Studios (which Mr. T has assured her she will not lose) composing and producing music for James's band. Clara finds Daniel — her sister Giselle's former dance partner — in Studio 1, and the pair sit down to talk and try to work out what Clara should do. But ultimately, the final choice lies in Clara's hands...

Main characters and cast

  • Jeni Ross as Clara
  • Brennan Clost as Daniel
  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily
  • Briar Nolet as Richelle


Set during: The Next Step Season 5

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