Meet Halway is the 9th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 163rd overall. It aired on December 8th, 2017.


Amy and Piper get solos for the upcoming competiton.


Michelle is in the hallway, awaiting to see if she made it onto Lucian’s team or not and in talking heads admits that she is feeling super stressed at the moment, she gave up the one team she founded and started, just for this and now there’s no going back. She grows to fiddling with her fingers, in an effort to control her nerves. She then grows to glance at those walking around the area. Piper walks by, Michelle calls for her but Piper walks off. But, Piper hears and in talking heads, Piper admits to hearing Michelle call her name but says that she does not want to deal with this disgusting traitor right now, and then she walks off. Lucian walks into the hallway and says that unfortunately, Michelle is not going to be able to make their team, Michelle is saddened by this, and then she walks off to go find Emily.

Emily is with her four dancers at the moment and then Michelle storms in. Emily groans and asks what she wants and then Michelle says that she needs her spot back and begins to beg and plead. Emily laughs and asks if she did not make it in. Michelle nods, crying. Emily says that, Michelle started a team, Michelle nods, and then Emily goes back to what she was saying and says that Michelle left the team for the team which is the whole reason she started the team in the first place, Michelle nods and then Emily resumes, and then says then she did not make the team. Michelle nods and then Emily resumes, saying that now, she is back here, pleading with her, to come back on the team. Michelle nods and then Emily says sorry not sorry, but Michelle is not welcome on the team. This is so low.

Michelle says fine, but she’ll regret it and then sighs, walking out.

Lucian then states that there is going to be two soloists at the competition and in talking heads, says that this is the test, their chance, to prove what these two girls would do to win. Lucian then is asked by everyone who gets the solos. Lucian tells everyone to simmer down and then announces that Amy and Piper are the soloists, Amy and Piper look at each other in shock and in talking heads says that she is in so much disbelief right now that she has to go up against Amy and in talking heads, Amy says that this is not going to end well…

The next scene after shows Piper and Amy talking in Neutral Grounds. Amy says that this is ridiculous. Piper nods her head and says that she agrees. Piper in talking heads says that she is unsure of what to do right now. Amy says that they need to take their complaints to Lucian. Piper says yes and then the two get up and then storm into studio A and walk over to Lucian, everyone else walking in to get ready for rehearsal. Lucian asks what the problem is and then Piper says that the problem is the solos. Amy then states that the two won’t be going up against each other. Lucian says that, that is what he thought and then exclaims that if they are not going to do the solo, and then the whole competition season is ruined for everyone. Suddenly, people start to pay attention.


  • Michelle is not on Lucian’s team.
  • Amy and Piper have solos for the upcoming competiton.