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Michelle is a currently Dance Captain and member of TNS East. She is best friends with Riley and Cierra


Season 5

Michelle becomes dance captain of A-Troupe and is not a alternate like when they last went to internationals and she helps Amy and Cassie get to grips of being alternates. She and Cierra make a trio and adds Abi to the trio.

She says that she is going to get them to the finals of internationals. Emily makes her the female soloist and incharge of A-Troupe. She is happy to be at her old level and begin miss internationals soloist.

season 6

She re-auditions for A-Troupe and makes it again and becomes dance captain. She becomes the best dancer in the world .

Season 7

Michelle comes back and she is happy to have stephanie back at the studio. she is put to the test when an old friend comes to the studio. Miss Kate makes Lola dance captain and When Lola quits Michelle returns as Dance captain. Then she is changed by Richelle for the solo for regionals. Then she auditions for TNS East and makes it on to the team.

Season 8

She goes to audition for A-Troupe but gets cut before the auditions have started. Then Piper starts back up TNS East. Michelle stays dance captain of TNS East. Then both teams end.


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