Michelle is a Contemporary Dancer and Dance Captain of A-Troupe.

In Season 5, Michelle returns to A-Troupe. There are many changes to the team and she and Piper need to get the team to Internationals.


Before the SHow

A-Troupe loses regionals. Michelle becomes Dance Captain since Skylar leaves the studio.

Season 5

Michelle re-auditions for A-Troupe and Makes it. She finds it hard since most of her friends have left the troupe. She is happy to find out that Emily is the new studio head. Then Emily annouces that Daniel is the new head choreographer. She is the one out of 3 dancers to make the new A-Troupe due to the re-audtitions Amy doesn't make the cut.

She finds out that Skylar has created her own Troupe TNS West and Michelle becomes a member of TNS East. she thinks it was going to rip the studio apart. Then she becomes one of the dancers to merge together to become A-Troupe again. due to Giselle bringing the studio back together.

Then Zara tells the team that Elliot is the studio Owner of Elite and Lucien returns and says that they will compete for Internationals, She is the first member of the new Internationals team. After the merge with Elite her and Piper become Co-Captains of A-Troupe. Giselle says that her and Noah are the duet and they get closer and then they start dating.

Then She is chosen to do the Internationals solo. She and piper become closer and they work together and this gives the team a better chance at Internationals. Then Danielle breaks her ankle and Amanda re-joins the team. she is glad to have her friend back on A-Troupe.