Michelle is the co-studio head of A-Troupe

She auditions for the Absolute Dance Soloist group, but gets cut. Emily refuses to let her back in A-Troupe, and when Kate returns, she offers her the role as Studio Head of TNS West.

Although, when the two team come together, Michelle become co-studio head with Emily.


Season 5

After the studio lost Regionals, Michelle leaves The Next Step in order to move on. She is approached by Riley in Java Junction, and tells her that she is auditioning for the Absolute Dance Soloist company.

Michelle auditions for the soloist company, but unfortunately gets cut. She returns to The Next Step and finds out that Emily cut Piper and LaTroy from A-Troupe. Michelle demands Emily to let her, Piper and LaTroy back on A-Troupe, but Emily refuses.

When Kate returns to the studio, she gives Michelle the role of Studio Head for TNS West.

Michelle hears about the "Ready for Regionals?" competition, but realizes that they have to face TNS East along the way. Michelle holds auditions for the final trio, and chose Piper, LaTroy and Kingston.

Michelle notices that Piper had become more mature this dance season, and promotes her to Dance Captain.

Michelle wants her trio to become more "gelled" and invites Riley, James and West in to help choreograph.

When the trio's face off, Michelle, Riley, James and West vote for TNS West, meaning TNS East lost.

Michelle watches The Next Step compete at "Ready for Regionals?" with Emily.

Michelle partakes in the merge between TNS East and TNS West. She makes amends with Emily and they become Co-Studio Heads.


Season 5

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