Michelle is a contemporary dancer that is Co-Studio head of the Next Step Dance Studio. She was formerly on A-Troupe And Gemini Dance Studio.

Michelle arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio after her family is relocated from her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Having been Miss Nationals Soloist and a dance captain at her previous studio, Michelle easily makes it onto A-Troupe.

After a less than successful dance season, Michelle is ready to return, but feels discomfort and disagreement when faced with Emily's leadership. Then she becomes Dance Captain Of A-Troupe Again

After The Regionals win, Michelle has to work twice as hard as she needs get her title back. Then Miss Angela kicks Michelle out of The Next Step. Then Riley returns and gives her spot back on A-Troupe. She made Dance captain by Emily and Skylar. She makes Richelle the new dance captain. Michelle becomes Miss Internationals Soloist.

After the Internationals win at Gemini Dance Studio, Michelle leaves and becomes Studio Head Of The Next Step. Emily returns and they become co-studio heads together.


Before The Show

Michelle's entrance into the troupe warrants antagonism from Emily, who she eventually overthrows as dance captain.Michelle later asks Emily to be her co-captain, which she accepts.

Michelle momentarily leaves The Next Step, too overwhelmed with the drama that has surfaced in regard to Hunter and Eldon and no longer liking dance. After the studio creates a flash mob just for her she happily rejoins the studio. At Nationals, Michelle defends her title of Miss Nationals Soloist.

Michelle's parents' divorce takes a toll on her as she enters the new dance season, making her extremely unfocused and emotional. Michelle is made an alternate, much to her distress

Upon the next dance season, Michelle is determined to make it back to the top by any means necessary.

Season 5

Michelle re-auditions for A-Troupe. Michelle finds it hard to adapt to Emily‘s strict regime. When Skylar creates TNS West, Michelle becomes a member of TNS East.

Michelle becomes Dance Captain Of TNS East. She helps Piper with the choreography of the regionals dance. When the battle comes between TNS East and TNS West. TNS East wins, Michelle is ove the moon that she is on the winning team but feels sorry for the TNS West dancers.

Michelle is one of the dancers to compete at the qualifier with Lola and Kingston.

Michelle becomes one of the dancers to join the merged A-Troupe. She has to compete with piper for Dance Captain which sticks to. Michelle is over the moon to the captain of the studio Again. At Regionals, she makes up with piper and she wants her and Piper to become best friends.

Michelle is shocked when she finds out that they have to film a video for the finale round. They film the video. Michelle is over the moon when they win regionals.

Season 6

After The Regionals win, Michelle stands up for Piper and get herself kick out of the next step completely. Then Riley returns and gives her spot back. Michelle helps Kenzie fit in with the new A-Troupe. But she loshe’s touch with Kenzie when she joins AcroNation

she passes Her captaincy to Richelle. She is exited when they win Nationals for the 2nd time

Season 7

Michelle is on the next step’s Internationals team until Miss Angela take her to Gemini Dance Studio. Michelle becomes Miss Internationals Soloist.