Michelle Beatrice is an Contemporary Dancer and is the Dance Co-Captain of A-Troupe .

Michelle arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio after her family is relocated from her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Having been Miss Nationals Soloist and a dance captain at her previous studio, Michelle easily makes it onto A-Troupe.

Michelle's entrance into the troupe warrants antagonism from Emily, who she eventually overthrows as dance captain. Michelle later asks Emily to be her co-captain, which she accepts.

Michelle momentarily leaves The Next Step, too overwhelmed with the drama that has surfaced in regard to Hunter and Eldon and no longer liking dance. After the studio creates a flash mob just for her she happily rejoins the studio. At Nationals, Michelle defends her title of Miss Nationals Soloist.

Michelle's parents' divorce takes a toll on her as she enters the new dance season, making her extremely unfocused and emotional. Michelle is made an alternate, much to her distress.

Upon the next dance season, Michelle is determined to make it back to the top by any means necessary.

After a less than successful dance season, Michelle is ready to return, but feels discomfort and disagreement when faced with Emily's leadership. michelle is made dance captain of TNS East.


Before the show

Michelle as a child A photograph of Michelle as a youngster. Michelle was born in Madison, Wisconsin and started dancing when she was three. She became a full-fledged dancer at the age of nine after performing a duet with Hunter at summer camp.[1]

Michelle was dance captain at her studio. She won Regionals with her studio, qualifying for Nationals, where she was awarded the title of Miss Nationals Soloist.[4]

Season 1

Michelle's dad is relocated. Despite not being invited to do so, Michelle arrives at The Next Step and is permitted to audition for A-Troupe, which she makes it onto.[4] As time progresses on A-Troupe, Michelle finds herself being victimized by Emily.

Michelle learns that Chloe's frequent tardiness and early departure to and from practice is due to her having a job to pay for dance. Despite not believing this to be a big deal, she promises to keep Chloe's secret.[13]

Michelle season 1 ls Michelle initially refuses Riley and James' plan to overthrow Emily. When approached by Riley and James to take Emily's position of dance captain, Michelle initially refuses, fearing that Emily will only treat her worse.[14] Although, she eventually reaches the breaking point in dealing with Emily's behaviour and accepts the offer.[13] Subsequently, Michelle leads Riley, James, Daniel, West,[15] and, eventually, Chloe[16] in a newly-choreographed routine to overthrow Emily.

Michelle grows wary upon Riley's assertion that Emily is "on to [them]" and is shocked when accused of cyberbullying Emily. When confronted by Emily, Michelle reveals the truth about the routine, citing Emily's severe rule as dance captain as the reason for the dance. She and her group members are therefore forced to perform the routine for Kate prematurely. After the routine, Michelle is almost unanimously voted as the new dance captain.[5]

Michelle develops romantic feelings for Eldon. Even when he begins dating Emily, Michelle's feelings do not subside; she falls deeper for Eldon the more she rehearses her duet with him. Michelle is happy with Eldon's eventual reciprocated feelings and even more so when he promises to break up with Emily for her, which he deems will be easier since her having joined Elite Dance Academy. Although, this plan is foiled when Emily returns[17] and Michelle avoids Eldon, not wanting to ruin things.

Michelle notices Emily's character ameliorating, as well as her motivational and authoritative qualities that she lacks. Thus, Michelle offers Emily co-captaincy[18] for the second time,[19] but is met with a much more positive response; Emily eventually accepts the role[6] and Michelle becomes her friend.

Emily michelle season 1 pt 2 With Emily at her side, Michelle spies on Chloe working a shift. As Chloe's financial problems force her to quit the team, Michelle tells Emily and the rest of the the team about her situation. With the team's help, she manages to raise enough money for Chloe to help her rejoin the team and pay for Regionals.[6]

At Regionals, Michelle grows closer to Eldon again while rehearsing their duet. Again, Michelle is told by Eldon that he will break up with Emily for her. Michelle is wary after hearing that Eldon broke up with her before the final routine. While elated at the team's victory, she fears for the state of her relationship with Emily after seeing her shoot her a dirty look.[20]

Season 2

Michelle wishes to keep her relationship with Eldon a secret. She can tell that Emily is not taking her relationship with Eldon well, despite saying otherwise, and is embarrassed when Emily reveals that she is dating Eldon to everybody at the party.[21]

Michelle witnesses Amanda being kicked out of Elite and, pitying her, permits her to audition for A-Troupe. She ignores all of Emily's warnings, believing that Amanda genuinely deserves a second chance.[22]

Michelle is shocked by Hunter's early arrival to the studio. When met with his assurance that they can rekindle their feelings for each other, Michelle tells him that she has fallen for Eldon.[22] Amidst her discomfort at Emily and Hunter's continuous flirting, Michelle becomes confused by Eldon's ensuing avoidance of her and eventually confronts him, resulting in her being broken up with.[23] Upon watching a video on Amanda's phone, Michelle realizes that Eldon broke up with her due to losing a dance battle against Hunter. Under the claim that she is worried about how Eldon will perform as a soloist at Nationals after losing a mere dance battle, Michelle shows Kate the video, ultimately resulting in Eldon losing his duet to Hunter.[24]

Michelle season 2 episode 17 Michelle leaves the studio. Michelle realizes that she can no longer ignore her remaining feelings for Hunter and agrees to go on a date with him. Although, Michelle subconsciously rambles only of Eldon during the date, still missing him, which she is confronted about. Later, Michelle witnesses Hunter kissing Emily,[25] which she confronts the latter about, deeming her dismissive of her past with Hunter. Although, Michelle realizes that such an assertion is hypocritical, seeing as she dated Eldon.[7] With Hunter telling her that he wants to be with Emily and Eldon no longer speaking to her, Michelle feels like The Next Step is no longer her family and that she no longer enjoys dance.[7] She leaves the studio[26] and attempts to join school extra-curriculars to fill in the time she is no longer spending dancing. Michelle finds herself taking a likeness to debating.[26] She refuses any of her friends' attempts to get her to return to the studio.

After a flash mob is held just for her, Michelle realizes that she truly does love dance and returns to the studio.[8] Michelle takes on the female solo that she deserted upon leaving the studio and resumes her friendship with Eldon.[27]

While shopping at the mall near the Nationals venue, Michelle is framed for shoplifting by Tess and is held in the security office, just barely making back it in time for her solo. Her anger at being sabotaged helps push her solo over the top. Before winning the round, she is met with assurance from Amanda that she was not responsible for her being framed, but also with an apology to nonetheless.[9] For her solo, Michelle is awarded the title of Miss Nationals Soloist.[28]

Michelle is elated when the team wins the event.[29]

Season 3

Michelle struggles with her parents' divorce,[30] and continuously moves back and forth from Madison, infringing upon her dancing.

Michelle realizes that she will be absent on the day of the dance battles against Elite. She is given an automatic spot on the team by Lucien, but is counted as an Elite win.[31]

With all that it is going on in her life, Michelle resigns as dance captain. With Emily already having left the team, a trio competition between Giselle and Shantel takes place in order to determine the new captain. Michelle advises Giselle when she struggles during the competition. After the competition, Michelle appoints Giselle to the title, causing Shantel to quit the team.[32]

After video-chatting with Hunter, who has moved back to her hometown, Michelle begins to feel incredibly nostalgic about Madison. She struggles to say goodbye to her friends when she is to briefly return to Madison with her mother because she isn't sure if she will have the heart to leave her hometown again. After a longer trip than anticipated, she returns and assures her fellow dancers that she is there to stay.[33]

Michelle continues to struggle with her parents divorce, which compromises her dedication to the studio. When enlisted in the small group for Internationals alongside Thalia, Eldon, Cierra, and Stephanie, Michelle proves to be perpetually under-prepared, resulting in the group losing the routine to other dancers. Michelle feels guilty about costing her fellow dancers a featured dance an attempts to reason with Kate, only to be made an alternate.[10] Michelle is distraught about her demotion, despite being in a featured routine, which is an anomaly for an alternate. She is effectively comforted by Stephanie about her situation, even if her tactics aren't the most dulcet.[34]

At Internationals, Michelle helps encourage Stephanie during her bout of stage fright. She later bows out of the featured dance for the sake of allowing Noah to be a part of it, benefiting the group.[35] Michelle is later granted the opportunity to dance in place of West when he gets food poisoning, much to her excitement. Although, she allows West to dance instead when he miraculously gets better.[36]

Michelle is happy for the team when they win Internationals, even though she has little to do with it.[37]

Season 4

Back from a disappointing season, Michelle is determined to return to A-Troupe as the top dancer that she formerly was [38] and makes it back onto A-Troupe.[39] Wishing to improve her hip-hop, Michelle is taken under LaTroy's wing, which proves to be beneficial.[40] But, even with her new skills, Michelle still lacks confidence in herself and seeks Alfie's assistance. Michelle eventually realizes that the only thing that is holding her back is herself. After figuratively dancing with herself, she finally feels free.[41]

Michelle piper season 4 tgbtm 4 Michelle laughs off Piper's handshake. Michelle is forced to face Piper when they are tied for the final spot in the small group for the upcoming qualifier. Michelle manipulates Piper in order to assure her success, which works. Michelle fails to see any wrongdoing in her actions and assures Piper that she is helping her.[42]

With auditions for the final qualifier on the horizon, Michelle decides to see if Piper has learned her lesson. Michelle approaches Alfie and orders him to be her partner for the auditions. She is consequently confronted by Piper, causing Michelle to realize that Piper is finally ready.[43]

Upon noting Piper's detachment, Michelle confronts her. Michelle is shocked to learn that the reason for her behavior is that she saw Riley kiss Alfie and even more shocked to learn that the event actually occurred. Although Michelle is initially angry with Riley,[44] she decides to support her since she is her best friend.[45]

After being assigned both the solo and the trio for Regionals, Michelle finds herself spending more time on the solo than the trio. After getting a harsh reality check from Richelle, Michelle realizes that she must divide her time equally between both routines, even if it means more practice.[46] Michelle is angry to discover that the soloist was actually meant to be drawn from a hat all along, and will not do it in favour of Sloane.[47] Now only having the trio, Michelle puts all her energy into making sure she knows the choreography perfectly, without taking breaks or drinking water. Due to this overexertion, Michelle faints near the end of the trio and is rushed to the hospital.[48] After Michelle is cleared in the hospital, Michelle hurries back to the competition and demands to be put into the routine, resulting in Amanda being taken out. Michelle is heartbroken when the team loses Regionals.[49]