Michelle is an contemporary dancer and Dance Captain on A-Troupe. She became the studio head when Riley step down from the studio head. She becomes studio head of TNS East when Elliot quit A-Troupe.


Before the show

Michelle becomes Miss Nationals soloist. Michelle becomes the new studio head of A-Troupe and the studio

New Beginnings

Season 1

Michelle becomes Studio head of TNS East. She put her new A-Troupe to the test as they win regionals. When They start auditioning for the nationals team. Michelle quits the role of studio head joins A-Troupe. But when Elliot leaves and creates TNS West. A-Troupe becomes TNS East.

season 2

Michelle becomes Dance captain of A-Troupe and Richelle and Lola become her assistant captains. They head to nationals and michelle becomes Miss nationals Soloist. Emily auditions the international team. Michelle, Cierra, Max, Lola, Piper and Richelle are the only dancers to make on to the Internationals team from the Nationals team.

Season 3

the team gets spilt into two TNS East vs TNS South


Season 1

  1. Do What I want
  2. Into the groove