new beginnings is a brand Season of tns


New Beginnings says Hello to new dancers and says goodbye to some people.

Season 1

Leads up to regionals. But then they return and they start preparing for nationals.

Season 2

Lead up to Nationals

Season 3

A-Troupe heads to Internationals

Season 4

Return to Regionals but they cannot keep the same dancers

Season 5

From Regionals, New and Old Dancers are put to the test when they head to nationals

Season 6

The Next Step has a problem with A-Troupe. New A-Troupe is keen to get on to get to regionals

Before season

The Next Step wins Internationals. Henry, Amy, Jake, Skye, Cassie, Alfie, Sarah and Ethan quits A-Troupe. Richelle, Noah, Michelle and Piper are the only members of A-Troupe. Riley then resigns from Studio Head. Cassie becomes J-Troupe's Teacher but then leaves. Piper becomes the new head choreographer. Michelle becomes the new studio head. The studio gets new dancers.


White walls. Start with everyone dancing. Michelle says "this is a new Beginning." Elliot says "we are so close to nationals and now she wants to change the team." Piper says "this is A-Troupe and now J-Troupers wants our spots." Amy says "I am the new Head choreographer." Myles says "this is my dream And know I am cut." Emily says "guess who's back." Richelle says "I am not let my spot slip away." Lola says "Richelle is amazing dancer I would love to be on the same team as her." Kingston says "this is the Internationals team we are talking about." Georgie says "I am confident that I will win Internationals." Heather says "I am still the dance captain or not." Skylar says "I am the new studio head." Zara says "this is what the studio needs." then end pose is Michelle, Riley, Richelle, Noah and Piper.



  • Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle
  • Skylar Jane as Skylar
  • Ethan Live as Josh
  • Cameron James as Cameron
  • Robbie Payne as Robbie
  • Bethany Dan as Hannah
  • Heather Williams as Elizabeth
  • Liam Samantha as Liam
  • Samantha Giles as Samantha
  • Kylie Ethan as Kylie
  • Jessica Lord as Jessica
  • Myles Erlick as Noah
  • Briar Nolet as Richelle


  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  • Matthew Beaton as Matthew
  • Megan Williams as Megan
  • Jamie Johnson as Jamie
  • Maddie Ziegler as Maddie
  • Luke Johnson as Shane
  • Georgie Hearte as Georgie
  • Brittany Raymond as Riley


Season 1

Number Name
1 Do What I want
2 Into the groove
3 Still Feels like the first Time
4 We Belong Together
5 Dance, Dance
6 Zooming To Fast
7 Take It To The Top
8 Coming Together
9 Last chance
10 One Dancer, One Last Chance

Season 2

Number Name
11 It's My Party
12 Forever Friends
13 Move It A-Troupe
14 Dance-a-thon
15 New Studio

Season 3

Numer Name
16 A New Regime
17 Hope I Get It
18 In Our Arms
19 Time is ticking
20 Riley VS Emily
21 Nothing You Do Can Change Anything
22 Fun and Games
23 East Meets South

Season 4

Number Name
24 One More Time
25 Dance, Lies and Secer
26 Last Chance
27 Don't stop Dancing
28 Freedom

Special (Halloween and Christmas)

Number Name
1 Boo To You
2 So This Is Christmas

Season 5

number Name
29 Just be yourself
30 Everybody Dance Now
32 Dance, Dance, Dancers
33 New Class
34 Good bye
35 It's The End

Season 6

Number Name
36 Starting Again
37 Only You and Me
38 Auditions are coming up
39 The first Time
40 The Next Step
41 So This Is you
42 This is the best studio
43 A-B-C About Everything
44 New Home
45 Work it
46 Make or break
47 It’s On
48 The One