A New Regime is the first episode of Season 3 of New Beginnings.


Kate chooses a dance captian. Ozzy, Kingston and Kylie joins the understudy troupe. Emily says goodbye to the studio.


In Studio A, A-Troupe is dancing to A-Side. Michelle says "things are different here at the next step." Richelle says "A-Troupe is changing and their are only 6 original dancers on the internationals team." End pose is Alexandra, Georgie, Lola, Richelle, Kelvin, Piper, Michelle, Cierra, Max, Kloe, Danielle and Tyler.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Cierra and Max, Danielle and Kelvin, Kloe and Tyler, Georgie and Alexandra, Richelle and Lola. The end pose is Alexandra, Georgie, Danielle, Cierra, Max, Piper, Michelle, Richelle, Lola, Kelvin, Kloe and Tyler.

In Studio A, Kate makes an announcement. Kate says "Emily is leaving the next step, so I am back in charge of The Next Step Dance Academy." Cierra says "What happening to Emily's team." Kate says "I have highed China as the new Head Choreographer." China says "I am not going to let this Studio lose Internationals." Kate then says "I am choosing a new dance captain, Kloe." Kloe says "Miss Kate wants me as dance captain. I need to make a decision Fast." Michelle says "I will let this slide but if Kloe isn't up to it, I will have to step in." Alexandra says "I would like to be dance captain. Michelle has taught me everything I know." Kate says "okay, who would like to be on the contemporary team." Tyler, Lola and Richelle joins Alexandra trio. Kelvin, Georgie and Danielle joins Kloe group.

In Dancer Junction, Cierra, Piper, Max and Michelle are talking about the new dance captain challenge. Then a new dancer enters, Matt. Cierra says "are you new." Matt says "yes." Then he leaves. Emily enters. Michelle says "your leaving." Emily says "yes and what has it have to do with you." Michelle says "what did i do you?" Emily says "I thought that you were my friend." Michelle says "I am, what's gone on." Emily says "just that we're clear you didn't say anything." Michelle says "I think someone has been telling Emily lies."

In Studio A, Alexandra, Georgie, Danielle and Kelvin announce that they are leaving. Kate says "looks like I will have to find some new dancers, I think it would be better if I reauditioned the Internationals Team." In Studio 1, Stacey, Mavis, Callum, Kloe, Summer, Michelle, Lola, Richelle, Noah, Kingston, Jacquie, Tyler, Piper, Zara and Brandon audition for the internationals team. Kate says "The Internationals team is Brandon, Callum, Summer, Jacquie, Richelle, Noah, Michelle, Piper, Mavis, Tyler, Kingston and the last spot goes to Lola."

In The rehearsal room, Max, Cierra and Kloe starts dancing. Cierra says "I didn't want to audition for the internationals team because I wanted to travel the world but touring." Kloe says "I thought that I would make the new team but I didn't. Miss Kate cut me from A-Troupe even though she wanted me to be the new dance captain." In Studio A, Miss Kate says "I have chosen a dance captain, Michelle."


  • Georgie, Danielle, Kelvin, Cierra, Max and Kloe are no longer part of A-Troupe.
  • A-Troupe now contains Michelle, Richelle, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Tyler, Kingston, Brandon, Summer, Callum and Mavis.
  • Michelle is Dance Captain.