Coming Together is the 8th episode of New Beginnings


Lola gets a chance to become an A-Trouper due to Morgan leaving. Skylar gets a new role in the studio


Richelle is in Studio 1 dancing Richelle says "I have quit the job of Studio Owner and given it to the new girl, Skylar." Then Lola enters and says "Richelle is an amazing dancer and it would be amazing if we were on the same team."

Intro - Michelle and Richelle then Lola and Cass then Heather and Elliot then Steven then Robbie and Kylie then Brynn then Jordan and Luke.

In Studio 1, Michelle makes announcement that she is re-joining the team. Skylar enters and announces that she is the new studio head. Skylar says "I will be holding auditions for A-Troupe again." Elliot says "it getting so close to Nationals and now she wants to change it up." Skylar says "I will be opening it up to other dancers from different studios."

In Studio 1, The Auditions have happened and Skylar puts the list of names up on the wall. The audition list says "Michelle, Richelle, Kylie, Taylor, Steven, Robbie, Lola, Piper, Elliot, Heather, Luke and Jordan." Skylar congrats the new members of A-Troupe. Heather asks "I am still Dance captain, or not." Skylar says "no I am thinking of Michelle or Richelle." Michelle says "why don't we make small groups to see who has the best team." Skylar says that it is a good idea.

In Studio A, Richelle is dancing to Visit. Then Brooklyn enters and says "Hi are you the studio head." Richelle says "sorry I need to start rehearsing." Brooklyn says "Richelle is very rude and I understand that she was the dance captain once but not anymore." Michelle enters and tells Brook that she can have her spot on A-Troupe.

Michelle heads to Studio 1. Skylar says "Michelle is an amazing dancer and I think she will be a great dance captain." Elliot says to Skylar that he is quitting A-Troupe to start TNS West. Skylar says "you will not be able to perform at Nationals." Elliot heads to studio A, Michelle says "this is going to rip the studio apart." Skylar says to A-Troupe "You are some of the best dancers in country and dancers are veying for your spot. I would like to meet Brooklyn she is our final dancer on the troupe." In Studio A, Elliot enters and says to B-Troupe "I am starting my very own competitive troupe that will run out of studio a." Brynn says "so we get to compete." Elliot says "Skylar cut all of you. I think TNS West is going to win. So who would like to join my troupe." Casey, Georgia, Brynn, Max, Tyler, Ozzy, Kingston and Jamie join TNS West. Elliot says "we are 4 dancers short of having a full team but we will take on Skylar's Troupe any day. In Studio 1, Skylar says "I would like to meet Noah. He is our new head choreographer." In studio a, Amy enters and says "I am TNS West's Head Choreographer."

In Studio A, Elliot says "I have chosen a Dance Captain, Ozzy." Ozzy says "I can't believe I am the first male dance captain at the next step." Richelle and Michelle enter and says "If you take one dancer from B-Troupe you will reject it." In Studio 1, Skylar says "I have chosen Richelle and Michelle to be Dance captain Together so they can even out the team."


  • A-Troupe has been split into TNS East and TNS West
  • TNS East members are Michelle, Richelle, Piper, Brooklyn, Heather, Taylor, Lola, Kylie, Steven, Robbie, Luke and Jordan.
  • TNS West members are Ozzy, Georgia, Brynn, Casey, Max, Tyler, Kingston and Jamie.
  • Elliot is head of TNS West with Amy as head choreographer
  • Noah is head choreographer of TNS East
  • TNS West's dance captain is Ozzy.
  • TNs East's Dance Captains are Richelle and Michelle