Competition Time is the 4th episode of Season 4 of New Beginnings. This episode was aired on the 15th October 2017 on cbbc .


Miss Kate makes a announcement that will affect TNS East and West. The dances have to fight for their spot on the new team. Kate has also give the studio over to a new owner.


In Studio A, Kate get TNS East and West together. Kate says “I am leaving the studio and I will be putting you all on to one troupe. And only the best wilol make the new team.” Then Angela enters. Miss Kate says “I would like to inter juice Miss Angela she will be the new studio owner and studio head of the team that goes to regionals.” Angela says “well thank you Kate, things are going to change around here first off getting rid of two troupes.” Skye says (Talking Heads) ”this not good.”

In Studio A, Angela is getting the auditions ready. The first people to go up is Sydney, Amiee, Petra, Callum, Will, Luke and Jordan. Then TNS East goes. Then TNS West goes. Angela heads to the office. Then she comes back out and announces the new A-Troupe. On the team is Michelle, Skye, Daniela, Zoe, Robbie, Piper, Callum, Issac, Frazer, Henry, Faith and Amiee.